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Long-Awaited Navel Piercing

I had been considering a navel piercing after a few of my friends got them and found no problems. I was originally scheduled to get it pierced in a week (on May 23, 2008), but had to move up the date due to scheduling conflicts. So on Monday, May 12, 2008, I decided to get my belly button pierced!

To be completely honest, I am scared shitless of needles. I hate going to the doctor's office for shots and getting blood drawn; I can't even look at someone else getting something pierced. However, this was something that I have wanted and I wasn't going to let that fear get in the way of getting it done. When I am determined to have something or to do something, I won't rest until it gets done. So far, I only had my ear lobes pierced, but I am very attracted to piercings; I want my cartilage pierced (supposedly much more painful than a belly button piercing!), second lobe piercings, and possibly an eyebrow or lip piercing.

I'm sure it sounds a little sketchy, but my friends and I arranged for the piercer to come over and pierce us in one of our houses. He does use an autoclave and brings all his tools in sterilized packages. All the needles were opened in front of us, and further sterilized. All the needles were disposed of right after we were pierced.

Because I am such a big wuss, I wanted to go first. Usually people who are wusses tend to want to go later but, I was sure that if I went after my friend, I would chicken out and not want to get it done. The piercer told me to lie down on the couch, and he got his materials ready. I had my eyes closed the whole time because of my giant fear of needles, and I had some music playing which took my mind off the piercing.

He put the clamp on, which felt mildly uncomfortable, but not as bad as I had feared. I had been expecting something worse, so it didn't feel bad. He told me to take a deep breath, and pushed the needle through. Apparently he messed up a little on mine by going too far (that's what my friend who was watching said) so it hurt. A lot. I teared up a little, but I soon forgot the pain. The pain was over in a matter of 5 seconds and he put in the ring quickly. Although I am well aware that this is not a mandatory procedure by any means, I tried to think of this piercing as something I "had to do" to make me toughen up and get it pierced. You also get an adrenaline rush which keeps your mind off the pain for a few seconds.

Everyone (including me) always asks if there will be any pain. Of course there will be pain! Fortunately, the pain is only for a few seconds and then you have a lovely new piercing! Also, depending on the person, there might be very little pain. It is uncomfortable, but not unbearable. What ever you do, do not tense up! It will make it hurt a lot more than it should. Just try to stay relaxed and listen to the piercer; all will be well.

Afterwards, I didn't bleed very much and it just feels a little more than odd (but seeing as it's a metal ring coming out of my stomach, I wouldn't expect any less). I felt like I couldn't put my shirt down for quite a while, and it was only about 15-30 minutes later that I finally put my shirt down over the piecing. I kept looking in the mirror to admire my new belly button piercing! Don't play with it though; the only time you should move it is when you are cleaning it.

If you are going to get this done, be ready for all the after care. You have to wash it with mild anti-bacterial soap 2-3 times a day, and for the first week, apply antibiotic ointment (bactine after the first week.) It's a little annoying, but it looks so good that it's worth it. I am constantly afraid of people bumping into my stomach now, and I'm wearing loose shirts to prevent my ring from being irritated. I also can't really bend over or backwards for now, but seeing as I've only had the piercing for 2 1/2 days, I wouldn't be surprised. Yesterday, my hand accidentally brushed the ring and it was quite... well I wouldn't say painful, but it was quite uncomfortable. I would describe the feeling as a "twinge," and it made me catch my breath for a second.

The pain and aftercare is all worth it, if you really want this done! Good luck to everyone!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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