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Long Awaited Navel

This particular piercing adventure started when I got pregnant. As my stomach grew each month, I wanted more and more to have my navel pierced. Now of course you are not able to get any modification work done while you are pregnant, so I had 9 months of thinking about my navel piercing. Everyday I would get up, do my normal routine, and throughout the day I would look down and wish I had a navel piercing.

After my son was born, my stomach went back to normal, or as normal as your stomach can be after being pregnant. I had no weight gain, but I had a lot of excess skin (being 5 feet, 100 pounds, and my son was born at 8 1/2 pounds). Once I saw this, I figured that my navel would never be pierced. I began to feel worse and worse about my stomach, especially since I was only 17 at the time and all of my friends still looked great. I kept thinking if only I could have my navel pierced, at least there would be something nice on my stomach. As my stomach slowly shrunk down I developed a little hood like piece of skin above my navel. Once I saw this I thought that maybe I could get this pierced, as I doubted my stomach could be pierced with the skin being as loose as it was. As soon as any stretch marks (scar tissue) I had healed, I ran down to my piercer.

My husband, son and I went down to my piercer's shop, Skin Dimensions, on a Saturday morning, as Saturdays are walk-in days and don't require an appointment. My shop is about a 15-25 minute drive depending on the traffic, and we arrived at the shop just as it was opening. I ran into the shop and blurted out that I wanted my navel pierced, if it could be done. Claire (my piercer) said that it could be pierced and I was ecstatic. She went and autoclaved my jewelery and prepped her room. I was sitting in the 'waiting room' area, barely able to sit still, I was so excited. She called me back, and I went in. She made the entry point dot and the exit point dot, I okayed it, and layed down.

I don't remember feeling nervous. I don't even remember feeling that normal jittery feeling, where I expect the pain, I was very calm for this piercing. I think it's because I had been thinking about this particular piercing for so long, that the pain wasn't even a factor in it. I do remember laying there, extremely excited, that I was finally going to have this piercing. I was so happy that I could finally have some jewelery there and feel good about myself again.

She put the clamp on and it hurt. I'm not sure if it was just because I had some scar tissue on my stomach or if thats just a sensitive spot for a clamp, but that part wasn't fun for me. She lined it up, and it only took a minute, although it felt much longer. I remember just laying there wishing that that clamp was off. Clamps are never a pleasure, but this one took the cake, By far the worst clamp experience I ever had. Once she was ready she told me she was going to pierce it, I breathed in deep, and I didn't even feel the needle go through. Completly painless. I had that great euphoric feeling that I always have after a piercing, and a mix between shock that I had it, and happiness. She slid in the jewelery and I was good to go. I got up and looked at it in the mirror and it was love at first sight. I couldn't stop looking at it.

My navel piercing was by far the easiest one, the least painful and my favourite. Instead of looking down at my post-pregnancy stomach and longing for my pre-pregnancy stomach, I look down and see my beautiful piercing and feel great about my body again. I especially love this piercing because no one will really have the same one as I do. Mine will always be original and unique. I turned a part of my body which I disliked into my favourite. This piercing definitely improved my self-image.

I guess my navel piercing isn't a traditional navel piercing, there is a lot of the bar showing, but it was pierced that way. It does its job, looks great, and I love it. I left the shop feeling great. I still can't stop looking at it and I can't believe that it is finally here. If you're thinking about this, I'd say go for it. For me, there was no pain, and its a great piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Claire
Studio: Skin+Dimensions
Location: Winnipeg%2C+Manitoba%2C+Canada

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