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Trust the professional piercer

To start from the beginning, I have always been interested in body piercing. Ever since I knew that piercing was an option, I wanted some. The only problem was that we were not allowed to do that kind of stuff in my family. Tradition is tradition. So what did I do? I watched others get different body parts pierced and I had to look on with envy.

Then one day in an advanced writing class, my good friend Brody lifted his shirt a little to show how he had pierced his own navel. To be honest, I had never pegged him as a guy that would do something like that, but it opened my eyes to my own possibilities. I had always thought about navel piercing as a female thing (because it is so freakin' hot, especially the 2g or bigger... hmm), however, I decided right then and there to go home and do something about it. I was going to do what Brody had done. I was going to pierce my navel.

When I finally got home, I wasted no time gathering a few things. I didn't know exactly what kind of prep should go into this but I knew I wanted to avoid problems with infection. I grabbed a clean towel and some alcohol and (stupid me) a safety pin. (Please do not ever pierce yourself unless you know what you are doing! I had no real clue.) Having everything ready I sat on my bed.

I must have a major fetish for piercing because I was excited –way excited. I found myself shaking and even a little turned on (who am I kidding I was crazy turned on!). It was go time and I was stoked. For years I watched all the other people enjoying their piercings and finally I was going to have the same thing. I started wondering about how deep I wanted it. I wanted to have enough room to stretch it to a larger gauge as soon as it was ready. Nothing could be as cool as having a 0g solid steel CBR in your navel (except, of course, having them in your nipples) but I digress.

I sterilized the safety pin (which wasn't sharp enough) and decided where I wanted it done. Then I started pushing. I did not realize until then how dull the pin was. I had to push so hard just to break into the skin. It was painful but the adrenaline was cranking. Then it took all my strength to push the pin through the other wall of skin and out underneath. The pain was catching up with me by this point and there was probably more blood than there should have been due to the pushing and the force involved. Then I closed the pin and looked down. My endorphins were flying. The feeling of success was mine as I realized that I had joined the piercing community. I looked at it and played with it for a minute. Everybody says you are not supposed to play with newly pierced body parts but does anyone really listen to that? I mean, c'mon, it's mine! I believe there are two kinds of people in the world: those who admit they play with their new piercings and those that lie and say they don't. It is something to celebrate--not hide under a shirt. Ladies, this means you too.

Since that day I have learned a ton more about piercing and why you should trust a professional. Nothing taught me that lesson better than the week that followed. Day one was great. Day two was ok.

A few days later, I was concerned. I started noticing redness creep into the area and it became sore. Around this time, there began to be fluid around the safety pin. The typical crusting was there, but the soreness was getting worse. I knew I likely had an infection, but I was determined never to return to my un-pierced status. I decided to try peroxide (if this experience doesn't teach you to trust a professional piercer, nothing will!! And never use peroxide! I hear it makes your scarring worse) Fortunately, I was able to stop the infection. The crusties still came and it itched but my friends told me that is a sign of good healing. Now, things are all healed up nicely...with a little extra scarring.

Overall, if I could do this over again another way, I would have had a totally hot and very pierced professional piercer come over to my place and she could show me how it is done. My second choice would be to go to a professional shop where everything is sanitary and people know what they are doing. Would I recommend piercing the navel? Oh yeah. Would I do it myself again? NOT A CHANCE!

My next plan is to pierced my nipples. I'll write again when I have 2g solid steel in them. BTW, if you know any ladies with 2g rings, tell them I am a fan (and send an email too). Later.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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