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The hole in my navel.

In the 10 years since I had my lobes pierced (with a gun at that), I've had little interest in body piercing or tattoos or anything of the sort. That all changed when I got some really good news about my health, and decided I wanted to change something about my body to make up for all the crap I went through. I can't really explain much more about the thought process behind that - it just came into my head one day as a means of giving myself some closure.

A tattoo was a little too permanent for someone who previously had not even thought about any sort of body mod (that and I can't settle on a design) , so I decided on a piercing. Since my job wouldn't look too favourably on any sort of facial piercing (even though I'd love a monroe and a tragus one day), and I'm a little too nervous to get a VCH as yet, I decided on a basic standard navel. Even though they're so common, it was always going to be a just for me thing, and I like them :)

I did a fair bit of research into the procedure and what I'd need to do in terms of aftercare. I found a place that I'd heard good things about...once I found the time and the courage, I decided just to do it. I also kind of wanted to get in it Autumn, so i'd have most of the year to get healing underway before I had to worry about swimming or sand at the beach...winter seems to minimise new piercing related issues - it's generally covered, so any redness or crust is not on display.

I went on my own, since my piercing is always going to be predominantly something that's just for me (I'm actually yet to tell any of my friends and I've now had it for 2 weeks), and also I didn't want the added pressure of having people there if anything went wrong.

I was pretty nervous walking up the stairs to the place, more because I had no idea what to expect than I thought it would be particularly painful or anything. I guess the first time anyone who has never been pierced walks into a piercing place must be a little intimidating. It turned out I had nothing at all to worry about.

Once I was in there, everything was pretty standard based on all the experiences I read before doing it. The guy looked at my navel to make sure it would be suited to piercing, I chose my jewellery (barbell - which is what I was hoping for. Loads prettier, although now I'm wondering whether a ring would be easier to heal?), filled in the forms, and waited while everything was sterilised.

He called me into the room, marked the spot which I checked that I thought it was central. I lay down (which I was glad about) and he pierced me. I closed my eyes, even though it wasn't painful, I didn't particularly want to see a needle sticking out of my stomach.

It did not hurt at all, not even for a second. I felt the jewellery going in a lot more than the needle, but even then, it didn't hurt exactly, more just felt like a bit of pressure. I got the impression he had done it a lot of times before, which was definitely reassuring.

The whole thing was so much more laid back than I expected, which was great.

I had no pain at all after I left the shop, in fact I did a few hours shopping feeling pretty pleased with myself. I was a little bit paranoid about putting on my seatbelt when I got in the car, but other than that, I had no problems at all that first day.

The first two weeks have not been a worry. I've been doing salt soaks twice a day, and so far it's looking okay. It's pretty red around the top hole and a bit lymph-y and swollen, but so far nothing I can't handle. It seems to vary every day with how it's acting, but then at least I know things are happening which are hopefully in the direction of healing.

I'm a little bit worried about it being a little bit deep and the bar therefore a little short, but time will tell and I can always get it changed over to something slightly longer. On the other hand though, I'm also terrified of it rejecting, so if anything, a little deeper may be better?

I absolutely love my piercing, had a great experience and can now completely see how people get addicted to body mods. My next possibility is a cleavage microdermal or a VCH if I ever get the guts. I'm also up for a tattoo if I ever come up with a design I could imagine myself liking forever.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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