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My bellybutton

Before my belly, I had my three lower lobes (on my ears of course), one cartilage and both nipples done - making a "V" – actually - making way for this one. I have always been pretty fascinated with piercings of all sorts. I did my research online. Many of which came from here, bmezine.com itself. Everyone's stories have helped me from backing down, although I was pretty nervous when I got each piercing done.

My ears have been pierced ever since I was two. I don't even remember getting it done. I do not really wear them anymore, but their still open for some reason. I guess when you have had them for so long, they do not close.

The cartilage was done by a friend in the boy's washroom at school one day. We had nothing better to do. But they got annoying, so I do not have the cartilage done anymore. I tried doing my own navel, but I just can not – I mean CAN NOT - get around poking myself with sharp objects. We tried doing it in the girls change room at school another day. We eventually got caught and were sent to the office. Why did we try it the homemade way? My friend had gotten hers done professionally, but it was bad – really bad. She ended up doing it herself with a big skirt pin, which turned out even better. So anyway, we finally hit a real studio.

I got my nipples done together while I was on vacation one day. I got a good price and service since the owner was one of my cousin's friends. It's just funny how I got my nipples done before my belly. I also no longer have the nipple rings in, but that will have to be a different story. I'm thinking about getting my nipples done again. I sometimes miss them.

My friend at the time paid for it. She said it would cover for my last birthday and Christmas, not that I celebrate Christmas. It came to $63 and a few cents. The guy asked me for ID to verify that I was 16 -___- which I thought was pretty dumb. I think I was 17 or 16 at the time Anywho, he asked me if I wanted a bar or a ring. I said bar, since I liked the way they looked better and I heard some stories about how bad rings are. I think rings would get caught on everything, and that slimy stuff that comes out would be gross, even though it would be easier to move the ring around. And I picked out a clear double jewelled one. He usher us to a room where another artist would do it for me. I fist faced a mirror to see my bare stomach for the last time. I then laid down on a chair that looks like it was stolen from the dentist's office. He took out that purple marker and made a dot. He asked me to check it. I thought it was off, but he told me that it goes by the inside of the belly button, not the outside. I guess I'm shaped kinda funny... but nonetheless, it turned out alright. He adjusted the chair so that I was partially inclined. And on he went with his needle. He began from the bottom and moved his way up slowly. Towards to end, I felt each fraction of the needle dig its way through my skin. I told him to hurry up because I thought he was taking too long. He told me that it'll all be over soon. And it was done. He inserted my new belly ring and that was it.

There was a little bit of blood when I began walking around after. Then it swelled up until about two weeks later. I made sure that it didn't grow slanted. I remember taking a small measuring cup, putting sea salt in it mixed with hot water and just leave it on my stomach for a bit to prevent infections. A few months after, I had a table tennis tournament. Some of the stuff oozed out, but I was fine. Actually, I would say it was a lot. But after one year, it was like it was always there and it felt natural to have it. I even walked away with a silver medal. It wasn't my stomachs fault for loosing the gold though. And so, here I am, two years later, with more jewels to match my outfits with and 18 turning 19 soon, I am still playing with my belly ring.

As for tattoos, I havn't really decided on a location, theme, image or reason for one. Maybe someday, I'll have another story to share. But for now, I'll stick to piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember%2C+but+he+looked+like+a+Ryan
Studio: Art+Addictions%2C+I+think
Location: Brampton%2C+Ont.

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