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Learning Experience

I've been reading BME for about 2 years now and of course, body modification intrests me greatly. I've read about people doing self piercings and I never thought I'd do it myself (the factor mostly being pain, I'd prefer to have someone else just shove it in than me taking my time and worrying about it), but I guess I was wrong.

I think this stemmed mainly from the fact that I come from a family that I wouldn't call old-fashioned, but my parents aren't crazy (and certainly aren't easy to sway) about me getting any sort of body modification. Although, after this event happened I learnt that my dad didn't really care what I did, so long as he couldn't see anything when I had clothes on. Oh the irony of the situation! Still, I don't regret this.

I'd been talking about getting my navel pierced (even without consent I didn't want my parents to know I got something done) for a while and of course, I think I'm ultimately smart enough to do it myself.

What I guess made me make the final decision was my friend being there, supporting me and making sure I was taking precautions.

I sterilized all my equipment first, I used a sewing needle (in retrospect I suppose I should have looked a little harder for a place that sold proper piercing needles, but having said that I've been looking for them for a long time now). I placed it into a bowl of boiling water and added some disinfectant (I think it was dettol?).

After this I rinsed the needle in some water and put it over a flame. At the start, I assumed it'd be a good idea to pierce my hand web (another thing I've been wanting for a while, probably not the easiest to hide but such a wonderful and unusual piercing) but upon icing my hand extensively and getting the needle about 1/4th through, it just hurt too much. And lets face it - this is my hand we're talking about. I don't want to maim myself too badly.

So, I decided to search for another place I could pierce. This turned me straight to my navel. I swabbed the area with some antiseptic solution (of course I'm not sure which one it was) and I put an ice pack on my stomach and lay down on the couch, waiting for it to go numb.

I think everyone really underestimates the toughness of the skin of your navel (or it could just be me) but trying to get the needle through the first few layers of skin was the biggest challenge. I began to push it through, and realised that wow - I would probably wimp out if I had to do this all myself.

My friend (of course, interested in body modification herself - and having a proper navel piercing) stepped in to help me. We began to push it through and she stopped every time I asked her to. We did it from bottom to top, simply because that was the easiest way.

We pushed it the way through and it got stuck coming out the top, again I guess the skin is just really thick!

I managed to finally (with a little bit of struggle) push it all the way through, and my god - seeing the needle through my whole skin was undoubtedly one of the most satisfying things ever.

I let it sit for a while and tried to move it around to make the hole bigger, but when it came time to put the jewellery in, it was too big. I was disappointed (we had just spent half an hour attempting to do this) but I understood that it was probably going to happen one way or another.

I tried to put the needle through again but by this time my navel was looking a little angry being poked and poked so I decided to leave it.

It's been about a 5 days now since I've done this and I haven't gone through that much discomfort. I'm sure the hole is closed now and I've been using seasalt and some antibiotic cream for the site. It's looking a little bruised and scabbed - but nothing too major!

The most it hurt was about one or two days afterwards, because I accidently kept bumping it with clothes and desks. Not to mention I'm a stomach-sleeper!

I'd definitely not recommend self piercing, especially if you're not going to take it as a serious risk and not bother to sterilize anything, and you know little to nothing about it.

I can't wait to go get it done professionally now, though. I'm excited to see it done properly and have it last for a long time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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