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Inverse Navel; The Parental Battle

A little background on my mod experience in life:

My mother HATES piercings with a passion. However, she has no problem with tattoos. Oh, the irony. From about age 11-13 I asked for pretty much everything in the book, including an inverse navel at age 12. She said no to everything, except my second lobes...3 years down the line and she's signing for my lip to be re-pierced[DIY'ed it the first time..apparently it had "problems" when in reality that studio was ripping me off, hardcore]. That day I discussed with her getting my inverse done, she refused. My father was picking me up from the studio, heard said discussion and said he'd sign for it no problem...SCORE!

Now onto the real story.

Spring break and for three of the five days I was asked to watch my younger half sister at my dad's house. I would be paid no questions asked, for sitting on my ass cheeks. Excellent. After the first day it occurred to me, "Screw money, I can get my piercing done." I asked, and sure enough, it was approved.

Friday rolls in and my stepmom, sister and I waltz into the Saratoga studio unknowing they're strictly tattoos. A few hours later, before I was to be dropped home, into the Clifton Park studio we go. Jetta wasn't working. "Damnit!" However, I was told by [insert his name I never learned] that she'd be in the next day, and I'd get $10 off with the online coupon, and that we needed parent ID, my ID, and my birth certificate. Perfect.

So it's Saturday. I get a call from my stepmom to see if I'd like to go to IHOP and Home Depot before we hit the studio. Of course, I can't pass up IHOP, or ignore the fact I'd need sugar in my blood so I don't pass out. We ate at IHOP, talking about mods majority of the time as my boyfriend at the time was with us and was bitching that his tattoo was itching again. We got to Home Depot and pranced around for what seemed like ages. I kept getting nervous as hell. I had to call my brother to bring me my xanax as my anxiety was going through the roof. I finally took those and began to settle. Two hours later, I'm in True Tattoo, being marked, all excited.

The clamps went on...and they didn't hurt. "Breathe in, out, in pierce." That's how it approximately went. The needle passing through stung quite a bit, but it wasn't not anywhere near the pain I had with my lip. Jewelry with light blue gems in, and I'm ready to go. No review of aftercare because I had just been in about a week previous with my sister to get her standard navel done.

H2Ocean when necessary/about once daily, cleaning in the shower, and it's settling in to be a happy camper. I've hit it plenty of times, which is probably why it wasn't so happy last week, but that's come to a minimum now. I'm quite surprised my body's taking it so well, seeing as my lip was a total horror story. Other than some crusties the redness went away. If it's tugged or hit, it's not nearly as painful as before. The only problem is the bar likes to turn to the right, but it's not a huge deal to me. I'm just happy to finally have another piercing I've wanted for years.

I'll also recommend if you're in the area going to True Tattoo rather than most other shops[there's one in particular I'd LOVE to rag on, but I'll be respectable], they're quick, clean, well priced, and very nice people. I intend to be going to Jetta for the rest of my piercings, and she tended to my lip when I last retired it with a promise of re-piercing free of charge even though another shop pierced it. If that's not great customer service/relations, I don't know what is.

Actually, I will do a little shop comparison. The other shop I went to are over priced and not a very comfortable setting. The chair you're in for piercings is intimidating and uncomfortable. I was ragged on by workers, which wouldn't bug me much, but I'm sensitive, and a 16 year old about to have a needle enter her skin, I don't need jokes at the moment. I never did see their autoclave, whereas True Tattoo has theirs out in the open, as well as jewelry, needles, equipment being in packages. Both times they've removed jewelry for me, they were put in the sterile packaging for safe keeps. The other studio...just handed it to me. Needless to say, True Tattoo really has made me, as well as my dad and stepmom[who've had their ink done by Mike in the Saratoga studio] feel comfortable and like we're friends, not just customers.

Happy modding :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jetta
Studio: True+Tattoo
Location: Clifton+Park%2C+NY

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