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Another boring navel piercing

It was a girl's night out on the town - a town about 100 miles away from home, as we were planning on getting pierced and there is nothing in our town, but still.

I had called Wingnut to see if we had time to get pierced that day, and to figure out how much everything would cost. Val was going to get her tragus pierced, while Kassy and I planned on getting our navels done. After we called, we said we would be right down there.


Now, individually, each of us has the sense of direction of a blind, dying cat. Put together, we have the sense of direction of a dead cat. At random points in the town, convinced we were getting close, we called Wingnut to ask for help. We weren't getting closer - in fact, a few times we were practically on the other side of town. And this is with the help of a map (we fail hard).

Much, much later, as we burst through the doors giggling like crazy, Jim (who would end up piercing all three of us) asked if we were the ones that had been calling. We answered yes, and apologized, and he told us not to worry.

And, it turns out, Jim recognized me. He had seen my IAM page just the other day and had remembered me. I felt special.

Before we could all pile into the piercing room, we would have to figure out what jewelry we wanted. This probably took longer than all three piercings combined. What can I say, we're indecisive when it comes to shiny things.

While Val chose a simple CBR for her ear, both Kassy and I demanded something more colorful for our navels: she got bright pink, while I got a more sedated 7/16ths baby blue banana bar (which matched my nostril piercing).

Finally, piercing time.

I ended up going last, after holding their hands. I laid down on the table while Jim loomed over me, staring at my navel. He made a comment on my scarred belly, from a previous, stupid attempt at self-piercing. I shook my head at my friends' askings if I wanted to hold their hands, and waited.

According to Kassy, it had hurt like a bitch, so I was expecting it to hurt a lot. In reality, if I hadn't been watching Jim, I wouldn't have realized that I had been pierced, it was that painless.

Of course, Jim being ever the professional, everything was extremely sterile, he wore gloves, discarded the used needles, and so on. (In fact, Jim is now at High Priestess Piercing in Eugene, Oregon, so go visit him.)

All pierced now, we explained how to take care of our new additions, and gave each of us a little pamphlet to take home with the information. We stared at the bottles of H2Ocean that he recommended for aftercare, and decided to get those, too. After paying - and tipping! - we went out to eat, as we were all starving and in desperate need of raising our blood sugars.

It was only later that the pain kicked in for my navel piercing. After a day or so, it felt like I had been smacked in the stomach, or kind of like mild cramps. My navel was red and angry, and it didn't feel too great to sit down.

As the months went on, with me cleaning the piercing religiously, my navel got better. Around the sixth month mark, however, it was still a little red. However, unlike my nose, it did not have the dreaded bump. I was doing everything in my power to ensure that it did not get it, either.

Every once in a while, when I would accidentally smack it around, I would apply chamomile tea bags soaked in salt water. It would calm my angry piercing very quickly, which was a relief. Around the one-year anniversary of my piercing, the redness finally started to completely vanish, which thrilled me. I contemplated finally changing out the bar, as it seemed just a bit too long for me. I ended up changing it out a couple times, always with help, as I can't do it myself, but always ended back up with the original bar. Don't ask me why. It might have been a bit too long, but I still loved it. Now, at two years old, it is definitely healed, and I am thinking of getting an inverse navel to keep it company, though not sure I want to deal with the bitchiness of healing a piercing for another year...

Navel piercing at 5 months old, still healing:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jim
Studio: Wingnut
Location: St.+Cloud%2C+MN

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