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Standard Navel...Round 2

I decided to try and have my navel pierced again just because I wanted it to work out so badly. See, the first time around it rejected after I had been so patient and taken perfect care of it. I followed everything to the tee and it still rejected before I could even change the ring. First of all I had been told that it was too badly scarred to be repierced, so I waited a while and went to another place to ask. I was told that it was possible for them to pierce it and that it might hold better because it would be behind scar tissue.

I originally had only stopped by this shop to get an opinion. I discussed everything with him, my concerns, asked a few questions and then I showed him the scar on my stomach so he could get a better picture of what he had to work with. He didn't seem to think my stomach scar was all that bad and that the other place had possibly just done something wrong, possibly didn't pierce it deep enough.

I went in and signed the forms and discussed aftercare and I was lead to a room in the back. The room was very well lit and spotless.

I told him that I had gotten my navel pierced previously and that the shop that did it would not repierce it for me because it was "unpierceable". After we finished our conversation on that subject I was then told to lay down as he prepared and sterilized everything making sure that it was all perfect and spotless. He clamped me and told me to exhale on the count of 3. I wasn't really paying much attention but I remembered how badly it hurt the first time. The first time I had it done it was not just a minor pinch. I could feel the needle tearing through every layer.

The piercer told me that the first time around it sounded like the needle was dull. He also told me that he makes his own needles and I watched him take a new needle out of the package. He had gloves on and was very professional with everything I don't remember taking a deep breath or anything that I was supposed to do but before I knew it the needle was through and I was done. He told me it should've hurt more with it being behind the scar tissue but that just wasn't the case. I was so stoked about finally getting it back and it healed wonderfully for the most part.

When enough time had passed that I could change my jewelry, I decided to do it by myself with a pair of pliers. Not the brightest idea because it swelled up so much that the jewelry was making a dent in my stomach. I took it out and it oozed and leaked and generally looked very unhappy. I couldn't get the jewelry back in so I lost my navel piercing all over again. I now have a not so tiny scar that if possible I would never make visible because it's quite an ugly little thing. The whole time I wore jewelry in it, the ring always tilted to the left.

It was pierced with a ring but I always wanted a barbell. Apparently rings are better for healing because that's what I had it done with both times. I think the key with this piercing or any other piercing is patience. I was so excited to get a barbell in that I lost the whole piercing all together. It's not that I didn't leave it in long enough. I was told I could take it out and change my jewelry after a month. I did go back to the piercing shop.

When I went back to get my jewelry changed the girl who I spoke with looked at my navel and told me it was still far too red to have the jewelry changed. I found out I was drying it out by using too much salt in my salt soaks that I was doing. But since I was denied there I got it into my head to go home and do it myself. Now that I know better I wish I had taken the girl's advice and left it alone for a little longer to heal.

I would recommend this piercing shop to anyone, my overall experience was awesome but I do wish that I had been able to keep my piercing. In the end that was my fault and no fault of the shop's. But I do recommend going back to the shop once it's time to have your jewelry changed, they won't mind helping you and they know what they're doing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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