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Ouch, that hurt!

I've had a thing with piercings for quite some time now. I fall in love with glittering gems on different parts of the body. I became so obsessed that I would read story, after story, after story, on this website. I'd have to say that was no mistake because I was more prepared than I ever could have been without it.

After several sessions of begging, I had finally got my mom convinced. If it was okay with her, it was fine with my dad and that was the end of that. I have a close friend that had just got hers done at the very same place I planned on going to. She tagged along to laugh, take videos and pictures. My best friend also came to get hers done. I was so incredibly nervous the few days before I was going to have it done. I had constant butterflies in my tummy. Finally it was the day of. I dressed appropriately, and I was on my way.

When we first got to the studio, (which was quite small, by the way) the piercer was working on a small tattoo. It was a very clean, and friendly place. My friend that had just got it done there had told me the very same thing, so I trusted her judgement. There was three dogs behind the counter, and a young boy (the son of the piercer) running around, but with my adrenaline pumping as fast as it was, I'm afraid even that could no bother me. We were told that we'd have an hour wait, and with how anxious I was, that did not settle well. We were told to grab a bite to eat, because generally on an empty stomach, things do not turn out very well. We walked downtown a bit and found somewhere to eat, and returned about an hour later, as we were told to do. We waited a while longer, and it was decided that I'd go first. We had to wait about twenty more minutes before i'd go in. That twenty minutes was so nerve racking. I kept myself busy by looking at all the pretty jewels and rings and looking through books of tattoos that they had done. The husband of the piercer who owns the shop, gave me aftercare sheet, and the materials I would need to properly take care of it.

In the room that I was going to be pierced, everything was orderly and clean. I picked my jewelry, (I had already made a decision while waiting) I chose a "rainbow" gem, it was all different in the different lights, and I thought it was pretty and different. The lady set everything up on a little tray, sadly, although I really did not want to, I saw the needle, because she had to clean my belly standing up, and she marked it as well. At this point I was shaking. With a good 5 people there with me, I laid down on the chair, she clamped me, told me to inhale, then exhale, and in it went. The clamp, surprising as it was, did not cause any discomfort to me. I was told that that was the worst part, but in my opinion it did not hurt one bit. The needle was shocking, I definitely felt it go through, but it was not unbearable. It felt to me like a shot, but there is no way to totally describe the pan. At a certain point the jewelry got a bit stuck, so I'd say that was quite a bit more uncomfortable than the piercing itself. That and the fact that I was dying to see what it looked like. I got up and instantly loved it.

Next it was my friends turn, so I was in a bit of pain but other than that feeling totally fine! She was all marked up and ready to go, the same thing with her. Before she even put the jewelry in, I started to feel extremely light-headed, and my ears were ringing, and felt like I was going to be sick. I was given a mint, and I blanked out for a few seconds. However after that I was totally fine. I'm pretty sure that whole ordeal was simply due to the fact that I watched my friend have it done, and realized that I just had a hole put in my stomach.

About three hours later, I felt completely fine and had no pain whatsoever. I even bumped it a bit, and the pain was very mild. I was very pleased with the studio and the people there. They were very pleasant and helpful. It's a great piercing and if you are scared to get it done, I suggest to just go ahead with it. it's well worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: not+so+sure+of+her+name.
Studio: Outback+Joes
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