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My Lower Navel Piercing

It has been over a year now since my last piercing, and recently I decided I wanted another. So far I have my navel pierced, nose, and 13 in my ears (tragus x 2, Helix x 2, Anti Helix, and Lobe x 8). Most of these I had done within the space of 2 years, I went piercing crazy. I don't regret it though; I still love each and every one of them! My parents aren't keen at all, but most of them are hidden behind my hair, so they can't complain.

I am no longer piercing crazy but felt it was time for another one. So I had to decide between another ear piercing or something a bit different. But I thought seeing as I already have a lot in my ears I would go for a lower navel piercing – the perfect piercing, it's different and not many people have one!

It took me three weeks to pluck up the courage to go and get it, as I'm a terrified of needles and pain, not something you'd expect from someone with 16 piercings!

Any way, it was Saturday 19th, I met my boyfriend at my local town, and decided to head straight to the studio otherwise I would walk around thinking about it and decide against going. I seem to do this every time I want a piercing, although in the end I do get it.

Ok, so we are on our way to the studio, I always get the shakes when I get on the escalators up to the galleries where the studio is and can barely walk the rest of the way, Gary (the boyfriend) literally has to carry me.

I walked in and my usual piercer Rob wasn't about- 'GREAT' an excuse not to have it done, or so I thought. I asked another guy there if he was about and guess what, yes he was, so I can't back out now; I just have to go for it. He got me to fill in the usual form, proof of i.d. etc, and before I knew it I was in the piercing room, chatting away – nerves getting the better of me. The thought of the needle making me feel ill. I always wonder why I'm putting myself through all this pain and nervousness!

It's all very clean and professional in bananas, so I go there for all my piercings, and I trust Rob completely.

Rob now has to mark my stomach with a pen to get the piercing straight, and I had to take my belly bar out, which was quite difficult to do as I'm shaking all over the place (he had to do it 3 times because I was moving so much!) He then asks me to lie down while he gets the needle/clamp/jewellery ready.

This is always the worst part and it seems to go in extra slow motion: he comes over with the clamps and needle, gets the clamps into position and then pushes the needle through ouch

I'll tell the truth, yes, it was quite painful. Its feels more like some squeezing the skin than a sharp piercing pain. But it only lasts a couple of seconds. Bananas don't use any numbing cream either, which makes it worse, but I don't mind.

I look down to admire my new piercing, by this time he has put the bar in. He used a straight bar, slightly thinner than the usual belly bar, but it has a gorgeous little gem on the end of it!

I managed to get up and have a look at it in the mirror, no blood which was a first for me. I had to get Rob to put my original bar back in because my hands were uncontrollable at this point.

He put a plaster over it and went through the usual cleaning procedures, and how to look after it. He said it is more of a surface piercing, which means my body is more likely to reject it! But I'm hoping it won't.

It has now been 5 days since I had it done, I haven't caught it yet which is good. The piercing itself hasn't been painful at all; it's not been sore or weepy and is looking better by the day. I can bend and move about like usual. My love of low cut trousers has actually come in handy these past couple of days, as much as my mum likes to moan about them!

I really do recommend this piercing, it is a lot easier than the upper navel piercing (I caught this so many times), and it looks different! I haven't seen many people with it, which I like when I get a new piercing!

Just wondering what piercing to get next...?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: Bananas
Location: Essex

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