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Lower navel piercing adventure

About a month ago I started to get that urge that you get when you feel the need for a new piercing and after giving it some thought I decided I would get a lower navel piercing. It was something I had already been considering for quite a while and after having a standard navel piercing about four years ago, I thought it would be reassuring to get something in an area I had already had some experience of.

However I probably should have done a bit more research as it was only when I walked in and requested it at the piercing studio that I learnt it would be a surface piercing. I am not really sure how I imagined it would be' the same technique as a standard piercing but reversed perhaps, but I decided as I had screwed up the courage to go there and really liked the look of the piercing I would go through with it anyway.

I had never had a surface piercing before and that made me very nervous but the man who was piercing that day was very professional and went through everything really slowly and clearly. I went to Urban Piercings in Reading and would recommend them to anyone in the area who was considering getting something done as everything was clean and professional. Before going I read some reviews about UP on the internet and in a couple I read that people found them to be stand-offish but I did not feel this was the case at all.

Even though I have nearly twenty piercings I am a huge coward who finds each one terrifying and tends to embarrass myself by passing out afterwards. I mentioned this and he explained that it was probably due to the fact that I got so wound up beforehand, which no one had every explained before, and made me sit for ten minutes or so to calm myself down and then take lots of slow deep breaths all the time I was in the studio. He marked the placement of the bar by getting me to stand upright with my top rolled up and arms loosely at my sides. He was very fastidious and marked and remarked five or six times to make sure he drew his dots in a place we were both totally happy with. However I am not sure if this was because he needed to change his placement each time or if it was just a way to focus my attention and calm me down!

Once we had decided on a placement I got up on the bench and lay down. The piercing itself was over quite quickly and, though I thought it seemed a little more awkward than a simpler through–and-through to get the jewellery through and the balls on, there was relatively little pain; far less than I expected. I was pierced with a PTFE bar as apparently it is less likely to be rejected and he offered to trim it for free any time once the piercing was suitably healed.

He did recommend that PTFE was kept in indefinitely which I was quite disappointed with, as I was hoping to wear some quite interesting combinations of jewellery now I had my double navel piercing. I shall definitely keep it in to start with but I have seen some pictures of people wearing normal belly bars on the BME pictures page and so I may try experimenting more once I am happy it is completely healed.

After the piercing was finished I was given a standard list of healing times and after-care guidelines as well as a bottle of after-care solution (which I can't remember but think I had to pay for) and sent on my way. The tips about breathing seemed to pay off too as I managed to get through the whole thing and the trip home with no fainting!

Though the piercing itself was much less painful than I was expecting after about ten minutes I found it really began to ache and for a couple of days I was uncomfortable; even just walking around hurt and I seemed to catch it on everything. I would recommend not making any over-ambitious plans in the few days afterwards and you would probably be better off doing it on a day where your schedule is pretty empty and you can spend the rest of the day lying around feeling sorry for yourself. That is certainly what I did anyway.

It soon settled down though and healed really well, it's not red or bumpy like some surface piercings and so far no sign of rejection. Also, after all that preparation, I am happy to say it is absolutely straight! Though I still catch it on things occasionally, in general it causes me no problems anymore and I am really, really pleased with it. I would certainly recommend that any one who has been considering getting it done should just go for it, though it would definitely be a plus to know exactly what it is you are getting beforehand and possibly investigate it a little more thoroughly than I did. Hopefully this article may help a little in doing that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Urban+Piercings
Location: Reading%2C+UK

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