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I lost my needle virginity

I've always found myself attracted to modification, my dad has tattoos and I'd always liked the look of having jewellery somewhere you don't find it normally.

I got my ear lobes pierced for the first time when I was seven at Claire's Accessories with a gun but ended up taking them out due to infection. I got them done again when I was eleven (again with a gun) and all was okay this time. In fact I've still got them. I first saw a navel piercing on my older step-sister and fell in love, straight away. My mum refused and refused again to let me have it done but when I was 13 she agreed to let me have my nostril pierced for my 15th birthday so I put the idea of having my belly button adorned with pretty sparkles to bed. I never got my nose pierced.

There were a lot of issues between my mother and I and eventually I ended up moving 200 miles away to be with my dad. I found BME randomly browsing through Google looking for a navel ring to buy my friend. I saw things I'd only ever heard whispers of, one photo caught my eye, it was of a quadruple navel piercing and every time I saw it I wanted it more. As my 15th birthday was coming up I decided to ask my dad if I could get a piercing, fully expecting a straight 'No!' He even suggested a navel ring, because piercings have to be hidden for my school dress code.

My dad did some research and decided that Access All Areas was the best in the area. S he booked the appointment. I wasn't really nervous leading up to the day, because I didn't really believe he was going to let me get a piercing! On the day, I still wasn't nervous. I met my dad from work and we waked to the studio, I went in and up the stairs, there was a familiar song playing, and I can't remember what it was but it made me feel at ease. We spoke to the woman behind the counter and then my piercer (never caught his name) checked my navel and said that it'd be alright. We went into the actual studio, and he marked up my tummy. I was shaking so hard, really scared now. Remembering my mate telling me how much it hurt for days afterwards. I chatted with the guy (I really regret not knowing his name now) about his piercings, and he explained all the aftercare instructions etc. Still shaking madly, I desperately wanted o run away. But I lay down and breathed in and out not paying attention to anything, trying so hard not to shake in case I made the guy miss and pierce me wonky! Then 'whoosh' the needle went through and I was flying. I know it sounds stupid but I really felt like I was floating. It didn't hurt, per se, but it shocked me and made me catch my breath. I looked down and saw this needle sticking through my belly button and I remember thinking how strange it looked. It honestly didn't hurt when the needle was taken out, and I could feel the bar go in but it didn't hurt.

I stood up ready to leave, went wobbly and had to sit down again, I felt a bit silly but really dizzy, so I had a drink of water and we got ready to go again. Then my dad realized he's left his money in the car, and had to go get it, what a silly head! So I had a look at some of the jewelery in the display cabinet and looked at the portfolios. My dad came back, paid, and we went. By then my stomach was hurting a fair bit, but it didn't stop me running down the street showing every random person I walked past my new beautiful piercing!

Six months later, it's pretty much healed. I had a minor infection in the first couple of months through being careless with my cleansing, but all is good now. I changed the bar just after Christmas to a slightly shorter one, and I've had to change it hundreds of times since because I'm very good at losing them in my sleep.

Navel piercings are very main-stream and I think it makes people respect them a lot less. But just as with any piercing, it doesn't matter how common it is it's the experience and how much it matters o you that counts. I would recommend this piercing to anyone who wants it unless it's because all their friends have got one, because it's hard work to look after and they reject easily. I'd also recommend Access All Areas to anyone in the area, it's definitely worth it.

As for future mods... I have plans. My dad has since put a blanket ban on any stretching or new holes, but I'm moving out in a couple of years anyway, and hey rules were made to be broken right?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Access+All+Areas
Location: Nottingham%2C+England

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