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My Belly Ring Experience...

This is my story of getting me belly button pierced: When I was 15 I wanted to get my belly button pierced, and of course my parents wouldn't let me...so I went by myself to a place that didn't check IDs because all they wanted was the money. Anyhow, I got it done, and even though it was crooked I didn't care, I was still proud that it was done.

After a few months, it was all healed and everything, but my mom caught me with it and made me take it out.

A few months later, I was 16, and I begged my mom to let me get it redone. And for some crazy reason, she let me. So this time I wanted to go to a nice shop. (The one I went to the 1st time actually got shut down.) So we went to(Impressions of Expression.) I grew up with her daughter, so I knew she could be trusted.

Anyhow, one Saturday at 8am, me and my mom got ready to go to the shop. (Lee Ann opened up just for me because shes usually not there that early, and she wasn't supposed to be open at all on that Saturday.) I was getting nervous, even though I had already had it done once before. We finally got there, it was about a 15 minute ride but felt like 5 mins. As we walked into the shop I could feel my stomach start to turn. I signed all the paperwork, and so did my mom and I made my way to the table.

She wiped me down with some anti-septic stuff. She marked my belly button with a purple pen, and it was time for the clamp.

By now I'm really nervous, I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach, and I'm freaking out--I don't know why, I'm pretty good with pain.

So on went the clamp (She never asked me to check the marks.) I know alot of people say "The clamp hurts the worse." I don't think thats true at all. She put the clamp on and turned to open the package with the needle in it. As she pulled the needle out, I actually began to calm down because I knew it would soon be over.

As she shoved the needle through, it hurt alot worse then what the 1st time did. I guess it was because she was breaking through scared skin. Thats what I get for not listening to my parents. I even let out a small whimper. Then she changed her gloves and opened the ring. She put a hoop in, even though I wanted a bar. She slid the needle out as she pulled the hoop through. Sat the needle down on the table, and put the ball on the hoop. She wiped me off one more time and then cleaned up the table, and chair. I then met her back out in the front of the shop to pay her $55.00 and go over the after-care instructions...(The 1st guy never really gave me any instructions and I got alittle bit of an infection so I was worried.) As we walked out of the shop, it hurt to touch, it was really sensitive for about 3 days. We went out for breakfast, and then just went home.

But it healed up just fine, and I had no problems. Within a month I changed it to a bar, and have never had a hoop in it since. I will be turning 21 next month and I love my belly ring to this day (even though I hate my stomach), but since its so popular I'm looking to get something new done. I will never take out my belly ring, but just add more mods to my body. I did have my tongue done but it was to annoying--thats a whole other story. I also have several tattoos, but that again is another story.

I would recommend this piecing to anyone thats looking for something new, just keep in mind it is popular. But its also cute, and adds a little style to your body. It can also make for a conversation topic. It may also give you some self-confidence.

In a few months I'm going back to her to do my nipples :) I cant wait. I would recommend LeeAnn to anyone. I trust her completely. And after my 1st experience I don't trust just anybody. Her prices can be a little pricey but shes worth the extra dollars, to make sure your getting it done right.

I plan to add more stories to BME as I get more things done. If you have any questions you can contact me and ask anything you want. I live in Wisconsin, so I also know some good places up here.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: LeeAnn
Studio: Impressions+of+Expressions
Location: New+Castle%2C+PA

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