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Hoping the 3rd time's a charm?!?!

Ok, so ever since I was in the seventh grade I have wanted my belly button done. Well, because of a mother who saw no reason to have it done I could not get it until I was eighteen. This time between seventh grade and when I would turn eighteen seemed to last like an eternity. But then finally my eighteenth birthday finally rolled around. I was totally stoked on the eve of I could hardly freakin sleep. So on my eighteenth birthday me and a friend went to a local shop with a good reputation to get it done.

I was a bit nervous when we got there but more excited than anything so I was ready to have my first piercing besides my lobes. The artist did his thing, to be honest the clamp hurt more than the actual needle going through skin thing,it looked great and barely hurt at all. I got some cleaning solution, thanked the artist, and went on my merry way. Everything was going fine until about two weeks after I had gotten it pierced. My skin started to regrow over the balls at the ends of my barbell. I did not see this as a huge deal, so I went and bought a captive bead ring, switched it out (which kind of hurt like hell), and things started looking better almost immediately. I think the original jewelry was just to short for the amount of skin that was pierced. Everything went well after that, it seemed to be healing nicely.

Here comes the best part. Everything about my piercing was fantastic, it looked great and did not hurt at all. Until one day about eight months after I had gotten it done. I was changing out of a one piece swimsuit that I had to wear for a swimming class at my college. (Attractive, I know). When low and behold my ring just falls out. I thought that one of the balls had just come loose while shimmying out of my suit. Haha, boy was I wrong. It fell right out, as in out of my skin.It had literally rejected in in a matter of about two hours. I was pissed. Just to say the least

I went to another shop in town that had an equally good reputation as the last, but I like the atmosphere of this one better, to see what I should do. They told me to massage olive oil on the location daily and then if I was going to get it re-pierced to wait at least ninety days. They had no idea what could have made it reject so quickly except maybe a reaction from the water or the stuff in the water, (like chlorene, etc. etc.). So I waited, very impatiently I might add, to get this done all over again.

After about three and a half months I went to get it pierced again. I asked the artist if I could get it done again surrounding the circumstances that had happened with it earlier and he said there should be no problems. He, just like the last, did his thing. This time he pierced a little deeper thought to go under the scar tissue from the last piercing. Everything seemed to be fine, no pain, ya know. I was taking care of it cleaning it doing everything I should, and within about 6 weeks this one too had rejected. I was really pissed this time. I had taken uber-good care of it, not gone swimming but maybe once, and did everything I was supposed to. I had no idea why it rejected again. I kind of thought maybe I am just not meant to have a belly button piercing. Who knows?

I was pretty upset but decided to wait a long time to get it redone. It has been almost a year now since it rejected the last time, and I am wondering if it will work. I have scars from the first two and I can feel scar tissue under the skin. I want to get it done in the same place to help and cover up the scars but I do not know if it will take the way it should. I am thinking about getting the lower part of my navel done this time but I don't want scars all over my belly if that rejects too.I think both the upper and lower is cute but for some reason I prefer the upper (if it will work this time, of course). If anyone would like to help me out and let me know why this happened or if you think it will work again please let me know. My email is [email protected] Any answers will be greatly, hugely appreciated. Any advice?? Thanks, so much!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Navel Piercing

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