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Finally got it done!

Ever since I was really young I've wanted my belly button pierced. My mom was always okay with it and pain wasn't an issue, I just was always afraid it would get infected or get pulled out. Actually it really annoys me when I see little kids running around with pierced things, so I decided to wait until I was older. (No offense to anyone, it just really bugs me). I've been reading stories on here for years and I decided to stop reading and finally get it done.

I walked into the studio and there was about a 45 minute wait. I'd been there the day before but they were closed for some reason, so I figured I would just wait. The place is clean but it's pretty much the only option in my town. A lot of my friends had gone there for tattoos and some of their piercings so I've heard only good things about it.

Jennifer was really nice. She kept making sure I was okay and that I felt alright. I really wasn't nervous at all though. I picked out my ring and she sterilized it.

I sat in the chair and she opened everything in front of me to show that everything was brand new. I stood back up and she cleaned and marked where she was going to pierce.

I laid back down and she put on the clamp. Almost all the stories I've read have said the clamp hurts and it's the worst part. I seriously couldn't even feel it and it was no big deal.

She said to breathe and that she would put in the needle. I was really relaxed and she slid it right in. No big deal at all. I honestly was shocked. It was nothing. All I felt was a little pressure She then pulled it out a little and put the jewelry into the needle and slid it through. This was a little uncomfortable but once again, no pain. She screwed on the top ball and I was done:) She put some salt water on it then I was good to go. She said I was one of the most calm people she's ever pierced. I don't know if she says this to a lot of people but it made me feel good.. haha

When I was done she went over care instructions with me, but considering I've read almost every bit of information on belly button piercing I could get my hands on, I knew what she was going to say.

Soak the piercing two to three times a day with a sea salt mixture. She said I could buy the H2Ocean spray they had there, but its really easy to just make your own. It's just one cup of purified water and about a pinch, one-quarter teaspoon, of non-iodized sea salt. Mix it up in a cup and put it on over your belly button. She said the longer you let it on the better.

She then said when I get in the shower every day to clean it with a mild soap. She said I shouldn't move it or play with it much to prevent it from migrating in a wrong direction. Then I have to rinse it really well. She also said it could get a little crusty, but that's normal. Don't use alcohol or peroxide or anything like that. It dries out the piercing and does more harm than good. Neosporin or any other cream isn't good either. That can hold bacteria and keep your piercing too wet. Sea salt and a little soap is the way to go.

I bought an eye-patch at Wal-mart and I used a hole puncher to put some air holes in it. I think I'll use it when I sleep or if I wear a tight shirt or something.

She also said not to swim with it until it's almost healed. And of course, the most important thing, do not change it until its healed. To spend money then screw it up by changing it and it getting infected is really not worth it. So get a ring you like and want to stick with.

With the ring I picked out it was sixty-two dollars. I picked out a more expensive one since I really wanted one I like since I'll be stuck with it for the next six to nine-ish months. I'm really pleased with how it looks and I can't believe I've waited so long to get it done. I would do it all over again. (It's still not even red and there's still no pain). She told me I would also be perfect for an inverse navel.. so maybe in the future I'll consider it. I would recommend it as long as you're willing to take good care of it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jennifer+Bellve
Studio: Totem+Tattoo
Location: Bloomsburg%2C+PA

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