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Rad Navel

 I had it all planned out, I was going to get my long awaited navel done on my trip to Edmonton. I had been thinking about it for what seemed like forever. So I finally got the courage to do it. One the days leading up to my trip I thought about what it would look like, how much it would hurt, so on and so forth. Everyone told me it barely hurt, and that the clamps were the worst part. I was ready, I was so gonna do it!

Theday we left I had a knot in my stomach the whole 5 hour drive. I tried to listen to music. It didn't work. All I could thing about was this darn piercing! When we got to the mall we did some shopping first... A lot of shopping actually. After that we stopped by the food court to grab a bite to eat.

After food, we walked down to Dragon FX. I went nervously up to the counter where a girl was standing. She asked me what I wanted to get done and I quietly told her I wanted my bellybutton done. She took my ID and told me all the aftercare jazz. I picked out a normal barbell with clear diamond thing on the ends. (There were like 5 colors to choose from) She gave me a form which I had to sign and initial all the little boxes, stating that they told me about all the aftercare and rejection stuff. I nervously tapped my pen on the clipboard and sat there hesitating, too scared to take the sheet back. After my friend took hers back I took mine back (that way I she had to go first!) I don't even remember what my friend and I were taking about, but I mentioned something about clamps and the girl at the front desk was like, "Ohh, he doesn't use clamps, just a needle and a receiving tube." Right after I heard that I started to panic. I mean seriously, the thought of a needle just being jammed through my stomach wasn't too pleasant.

When it was my turn the guy called me back into the room. I was scared as hell. I walked in and put my stuff down. He asked me to roll up my shirt so that it would stay up on its own. He then asked me to stand with my feet together, arms at my side, and as still as I could be. Man, as I was standing there I was so nervous I was kinda shaky and I could feel myself wavering. He used a marker to place to blackish dots on my stomach. After a lot of looking at the dots, just to ensure they were perfect He asked me to lie down on the table thing.

I did, and as he prepared I asked him if he did a lot of belly buttons and he was like, "thousands." That made me feel better. He says he doesn't use clamps because it's just unnecessary pain and it doesn't numb it or anything. Cool. Then came the part I had been dreading the whole day.

He told me to take a deep breath in. I did as I was told. He then asked me to exhale. On exhale he pushed the needle through I knew it was coming cause it was the same guy that did my lip.) When the needle went through I definitely felt it. The pain wasn't horrible, a little more than a pinch but not bad. Maybe a hard pinch? After that I could feel the barbell going in. It just felt cool. No pain. Then he told me I could look in the mirror. Sweet!

When I looked in the mirror it was perfect! I thanked him and walked out. It didn't hurt at all! It's been a couple of days and it still has not hurt. The only time it felt uncomfortable was when I stretched my body out to reach something really high up. I went swimming with it today(which probably isn't the best idea, BUT i work at a pool and had to be back at work),and its fine!

I really recommend this piercing! It's pretty rad, and it didn't really hurt at all. It's not too much work either, just gotta spray it once in the morning and once at night. Easy. Plus no one really has to see it (great for hiding from parents!)

I also really recommend Dragon FX. I have gone to them for both my lip and my belly button, and I don't think I would go elsewhere. They are extremely clean and professional. The staff there is awesome! So if you are in Edmonton, look 'em up!

So bottom line, belly button is an amazing piercing, not gonna lie: it hurt a little but just for a second. If you want it, do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Greg
Studio: Dragon+FX+%28West+Edmonton+Mall+Location%29
Location: Edmonton

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