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Navel - the Wweets.

So it all started the Thursday before Easter holiday. I was at the store where my boyfriend works, goofing around, when he comes up with this tiny silver box and hands it to me; I gave him a puzzled look, like "what's the occasion?" with a playful smile on my face and opened up my very random gift. Inside, was The cutest, most precious navel ring. It had a rainbow, very hippie like... exactly what I wanted.

"But er.. one thing babe... my bellybutton isn't pierced" he smiles and gives me those mischievous eyes that say "well, maybe you should."

I carried it home, and obsessed about so'more, tucking it inside my navel to see how it would like. Here in Jamaica, mostly the popular skinny girls with perfect tans and curvy abs have bellybutton rings that they can show off at the beach, so I've never really thought of getting one until then. It would just be mine and his little secret =]

So the day had arrived when I finally had the guts (and money) to go do it, I got my stuff together and he was gonna be there to hold my hand and say "for the love of god, don't be a pussy". I was jittery and had the silliest smile on my face and was one foot out the door when my mother accosted me and reminded me that I'm grounded. For the love of jeebus, I could've withered and died then. All my dreams.. well one anyways... put on hold. I dramatically crawled back to my room and sulked for the rest of the day.

The next day, I wasn't taking in chances, I did all my chores and grinned like a maniac while doing so, in hopes of winning over my mom. But eventually I got tired and just snuck out... oh well, I'm already grounded anyways.

Off to The Village I went, dodging cars and muddy puddles (its very dangerous on Jamaican streets) and since it IS Jamaica.. there's not too many places to go to get pierced and the "best" there is, is Salon Innov. Its' not particularly good, but hey what's a girl to do.

I went in, my hair dripping from the rain outside, grinned at everybody and they all recognized me... oh it's youuuu again. Laughs all around. They tell me to wait and I don't like waiting, so I stand and pace, then the lady who's going to pierce me comes in and she goes "you there, come" I follow her into a little room in the back (NB. This isn't necessarily a piercing shop, but a hair dressing parlor that does piercings at the back :P) I'm still jittery so I try to make conversation since she obviously feels quite calm and comfortable about sticking a needle in someone without explaining the procedures or making sure the person is relaxed. She clamps me with that eeevil clampy thing and I tough it out – oh, stick a pin. I hadn't told my boyfriend that I was gonna do it that day; it was a surprise. – and close my eyes, she sprays me with I'm guessing a numbing spray then after a few moments sticks the needle in. it didn't hurt at all felt the pressure of it going in, then she put the rod in. smooth sailing until she got to putting in the bottom ball, it fell and her bending to pick it up only made her squeeze more tightly on the clamp... ouch. She screws it on and unclamps me. Hm, not bad at all. I pay at the front desk and get my bag of goodies and off I went.

Walking along the road to get to my boyfriend's store, little silly grins kept crossing my face because what everyone didn't know was that under this orange, very sun-burnt tee, was a little tiny metal and that tiny metal meant so much to me, beyond what they could imagine.

I get to the shop, and I tried to act cool but ended up grinning and flashing him like a complete dork. Lol. he thinks it's cute and semi consciously reaches out to play with it.. which hurts a bit,and i have to slap his hands away.There are now talks of him getting his nipple done; mostly me talking and him shaking his head and shruggin me off. Ah, the love.

It's been a day now since i've got it done, and it's beautiful. I sneak peeks at it whenever i get the chance, hee. i feel like a little girl with stolen candy hid underneath her shirt =] I gave it a salt water bath this morning and last night, it's still pretty tender (from the eeevil clamp)I have six other ear piercings and i'm thinking of doing over my tongue so that it'll be another collection to The Sweets. I heart body modifications in all it's forms, especially when it's done with a meaning behind it and not as a fashion statement.

Positive Vibrations.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: some+lady
Studio: Salon+Innovation
Location: Jamaica

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