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I don't know why I felt so attracted to getting my navel pierced because I'm not a scally or a chav or anything like that but it just felt really attracted to getting it pierced. I already had my tongue pierced, nose, and multiple ear piercings including tragus, cartilage and various lobes. So I wasn't new to piercing. I'd never had an infection or anything rejected and I was pretty confident about this one and thought it would be an easy one, which it was.

I decided to get it done quite soon because I don't like waiting for months before I get a piercing. I didn't have to ask my parents because they don't mind any more, it's my body and it's up to me what I do to it. So I didn't need a parent with me either because the guys at the piercing shop have known me all my life so I was okay about that too. I would suggest that you don't try to hide this piercing as someone is bound to see it at one time or another. I actually forgot to tell my parents I had even got it done, they didn't mind but chances are a lot of other parents will so I suggest you let them know first.

I decided to go down pretty much the week after I'd decided, I just went by myself. Usually I go with a friend but decided I'd rather be alone this time. I got up with butterflies. You know that feeling when every time you think about the piercing you get butterflies? Well I had that. I didn't know why because I got pierced regularly and always go to the tattoo shop anyway so I had nothing to worry about. My friends already knew I wanted it and couldn't really understand why because it wasn't like me. I'm into hardcore things like corset piercings and brands but this one really appealed to me.

After getting up and getting ready I hopped on the bus and was on my way to Tony's (a.k.a. The White Dragon) and had a drink to calm me down. I don't know why I was so nervous but I was. I asked Ian (the piercer) to pierce my navel and he was fine with it so he took me into the familar dentist-like room and asked me to lie down on the dentist-like chair which scared me. I'd always had a fear of dentists so this room really didn't help. He had a gigantic mirror that covered one of the walls so you can see everything he was doing. Which helped when I was getting my tongue pierced, I could see everything he was doing and before I lied down on the table I saw him get the needle and spray out. The needle didn't scare me because I'd seen them a fair few times before but they wont bite, just stab.

My nerves had calmed down because I'd previously downed a bottle of coke lol. He put the clamp on, and if anyone tells you that the clamp hurts then they must be weird. Because clamps look like those things that you use to get salad so anyone saying that they hurt are complete weirdo's and liars.

I thought he'd already pierced me when he put the clamp on and said ''Oh my God is it done?'' and he just looked at me and laughed saying ''Oh, noooo'' and then without warning pierced me... It sort of felt like someone pinching me. But nothing more than that. It's nto unbearable or anything but I'm not going to say it was pain-free because it wasn't at all. It feels like someone is pinching you quite hard but it's not horrible or terrifying or anything like that.

After being pierced Ian gave me the usual ''Just spray it with Savlon spray a few times daily and you'll be fine'' which is what he says every time I get pierced and I went home with a smile on my face. It's definately a good idea to take a bath th next day after having it pierced. But not a boiling hot bath, just warm because the blood dries up and a bath will get rid of it without you scrubbing it which under any circumstances you should NEVER do! There are many varieties of barbells available but make sure they arent fake or you'll end up with a green navel which isn't fun. If you're looking for barbells it's best to ask the supplier first what metal they are made out of. Titanium and Stainless Steel being the best. Just please make sure they aren't fake because I've made the mistake a fair few times and it's not fun trying to get it off.

Navel is definately a sexy pierced and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting one.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Ian
Studio: White+Dragon%2C+Stockport%2C+UK
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