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Third time lucky

Since I was about 10 all I have wanted is a navel piercing, but restrictive parents have kept this from happening. It wasn't until last year that I realized it didn't matter anymore, I was 16, the legal age to get a piercing without consent, I didn't know however that most studios still wouldn't do a piercing at 16 with no parental consent.

I am a very impatient person and can never wait for anything. I decided I would get it done no matter what. Unfortunately my naivety led me to a young girl making a folio of piercing and was doing them at a low cost ($25). I didn't however bother to find out about her experience or proper training, all I knew was that I would meet her at the hotel she was staying at a week later.

The day came and I was so excited, I went up to her room with some friends. I had to sign release forms since it was going to be video taped for her film. Next thing, I was standing as she marked the place on the top lip of my navel and it was very straight. I was lying on the bed as I watched her washing her hands and putting gloves on, opening the needle from the packaging. She clamped it and the piercing didn't hurt at all. After the needle was through she told me that my navel was too small and that it would probably reject (I thought she was telling the truth, I knew nothing really of piercing at this stage), she took the needle out and asked if I wanted the bottom of my navel pierced.

I was determined to get it done that day so I agreed. We went through the same process again, only this time she said she would put a circular barbell (which was very deep into me) through instead of a banana bar. She never went through aftercare, after I left I had to head down to Off Ya Tree, a local shop which also did body piercing. They were much more helpful and gave me some cleaning spray.

When I got home I looked in the mirror, she had done the first piercing at a very weird angle, completely crooked, and the second which I still had in was straight but noticeably off to the left. I didn't think much of it but it really bothered me.

I left it in for about a month but it was constantly hurting and despite my cleaning and care (which probably could have been a lot better) it never looked the least bit healthy. I decided to give up, and took it out. Now I'm left with horrible scars which mother ended up seeing and knowing I had a piercing, a bad day. I decided I should never hide a piercing from my mum again and should only get it done properly. I also stress to anyone to only have it done by an experience piercer, and not some person you met online who's doing cheap piercings.

Last week I went into a studio around the corner from my school as I had heard great things about it, I asked if I could get a navel piercing, The shop had just opened and I was told I would have to wait for about half an hour before the piercer got there. I waited and then he walked in, "Are you the girl who wants the navel piercing?", I replied yes, he told me to pick the jewellery I wanted (I chose a silver barbell with black jewels) I'd have to wait for about another 20 minutes as he prepared and sterilized everything. After this he sat down with me and went completely through the after care and took me into the room, where I watched him further prepare the equipment that would be used.

He marked the spot on my stomach and told me to lie down on the what looked like a massage table. He talked me through the entire thing from putting the clamps on to screwing the ball on the end of the barbell. During which he changed his gloves numerous times, constantly cleaning the area. It hardly hurt at all.

I was done, he walked me out to the front area where he told me it was $100, this was really all I had on me and I feel terrible about it. I can't wait to go in next week for another piercing and paying him what I really should of because he took such good care of me and my body and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I will definitely continue going their for all of my future piercing, It was such a comfortable and clean environment. I would highly recommend Hold Fast Body Art for anyone wanting a piercing.

My piercing hasn't hurt one bit since it's been done and I absolutely love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Justin
Studio: Hold+Fast+Body+Art
Location: Burwood%2C+Melbourne

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