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The Fifth & Last... The Navel.

The Story...

I am now 15, and had been begging my mom for 2 years (since grade seven!) to get my bellybutton pierced. Being a nurse, I heard the good old 'are you kidding?! that will get infected, and then affect your internal organs... you can die!' talk. Yes maam, I put up with that talk many a time until first semester exams rolled around and I discovered the PERFECT chance to make a deal. One Friday (and a week before my birthday) I took it upon myself to mention to my mom that I was off dance that upcoming Sunday (once in a blue moon). I mentioned how well I had done on my exams, and how hard I had worked. (gotten a tutor.. studied my butt off.. you get the gist.) My friend who has it done was over, and she helped me convince my mom. I called NRG and made an appointment for 3:30 on Sunday & got more and more excited for the time to come.

The Experience...

My mom drove me and my friend up to Erin Mills at 3:15 on Sunday. The lady smiled and said I must be Heather, and told me that the piercer was with someone and would be with me in a few minutes. I sat nervously and came close to backing out, and then the nice asian lady (who still remains unnnamed-- anyone know?) came up to me and asked me to come in.

While my mom signed all the necessary forms, since im under sixteen and i needed parental consent. there were also a few release forms.. i was too nervous to look or read.) my friend and I made small talk even though I could barely force out a sound . I turned to look at the piercer and she showed me a bunch of navel rings and i picked out a plain silver one with a white rhinestone on each ball. She then told me to look away and talk to my mom while she got out the equipment.

She then asked me to roll up my shirt and stand up-- she marked my bellybutton with a felt marker and then asked my mom & friend, (and me too) to look at the placement and make sure it looked good to not just her.

We agreed and she asked me to lie down. I clutched my friends hand and my mom watched... maybe to see if she was cleaning it well. (The inner nurse came out).

The piercer put the clamps on and told me to breathe. Honestly, to me the clamp felt like nothing, and I was ready for this sucker to be done.

She then put the needle through, I kind of caught my breath but it wasn't too bad. Bearable pain, and so worth it.

She told me I was all done & to lie down for a bit longer.

While i laid, she held up a mirror, and I nearly jumped off the bed because I loved it so much. She informed me on how long before i can change it, what not to wear, gave me some healing balm and a complete handout on how to care for it. She also told me to go to a doctor if the puss was a light green or if it started to reject. I agreed, thanked her, went to pay with my mom, and then went home and anticipated getting to show all my friends the new piercing :)

I now have had the piercing for 5 weeks and it looks great. A little red, because my doctor says its making scar tissue. The piercing also sometimes bled a little (about 3 days after) and every once in awhile still gets 'little crusties' around the top.

I'm jsut always sure to clean it & take good care. I've gotten it caught on shirts & dance costumes a few times, but you feel it as soon as it pulls and you knwo to fix it. I can change mine in two months, and leave it without a ring in six months.

I really excited to attain a big collection of rings. (Just watch any pets... they seem to love jumping on piercings!)

After all the nerves & doubts and being scared, the piercing is a great addition to my body and I dont plan on taking it out ANY day soon. It looks great and there are so many cute barbells to choose from. All my friends love it and i constantly get comments on it at dance. It was a little bit sore for the week after, and the needle was a bit painful , but I highly recommend it to anyone who was considering it . Its super cute and totally worth it! :)

YouTube also helped, I watched a few vids to help better prepare myself. I think its better when youre getting it done, it looks really painful in the videos, but you barely feel it when getting it done!

Email me if you'd like, I know a few great piercing places that you'd love in the mississauga area :)

Good Luck!

& remember.. no pain, no gain.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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