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Something old and something new

I can't believe it was actually a year ago that I got this piercing. My old roommate and I love piercings and had always talked about getting something new together. It was just talk until I got fed up one day and just said "Let's GO!"

I had been trying to figure out what my "something new" was going to be, deciding between a conch, a lower navel, or something a little more extreme, I finally chose my lower navel. Having had my standard navel for at least 5 years, it was time. My ex roommate chose to make her lip piercing a pair and make it snakebites. The walk there was the most nerve wracking part!

As we walked in, we were greeted by a young girl with (as far as i can remember) gauged ear lobes, a septum piercing, an eyebrow ring or two, dyed black hair, and half sleeves. She was very friendly and seemed eager to help us out. She asked what we wanted and asked to see my navel to make sure it looked appropriate for the style piercing I wanted. We had our licenses copied, read the warnings and aftercare sheet, signed it and we were ready to go. Apparently I had to go first. We were led into the room behind the desk which contained a long counter, a sink, a couple framed pictures, and a black massage table. I rolled up my shirt and got all marked up nicely, agreed on the placement and was raring to go. I was told to lay flat on my back on the table in the little piercing room in the back of the place and let out a big sigh with a little smile. The piercer (I forget his name but he had more piercings in and around his mouth than I could even estimate...) made me feel comfortable and at ease by keeping friendly conversation and even suggested a different size captive bead ring for my older piercing. He set up the needle and the jewelry and clamped me up. I was nowhere near nervous. As far as I could remember, my original piercing just felt like a little bit of a burning sensation and that was it, so I expected this one to be the same... WRONG!

The piercer kept moving the clamp around to make sure that the markings were straight and matched up so when it happened I was caught a little off guard because he seemed to be taking so long. I was in the middle of a sentence to my companion when it felt like something just took a chunk of out my stomach! I didn't make a sound but my face certainly described the feeling! As she laughed at me, the piercer says "Oh you love it!" and put the jewelry in. All I could say was "Wow, that hurt a lot more than the first one!" Since the lower navel goes through more flesh, it's more like a surface piercing than how the top one is, therefore creating more pain... but definitely not unbearable. Quickly I had a "Superbad" moment and thought "Oh my god, it's in" and cautiously stood up to see my new addition! It was beautiful! The bottom bead of the curved barbell looked perfect displayed about a quarter inch below the bottom of my navel while the top bead sat perfectly nestled in the bottom of my navel. When I put my shirt down, the bottom bead made a little bump that was visible through the material. Just the other day, I met someone who had the same piercing and said she noticed it through my shirt earlier! Kind of creepy, but still pretty cool.

I thanked the piercer over and over again with a huge smile on my face while he sanitized everything before it was my friend's turn. After she got her "new," we left destined for the nearest supermarket to pick up a stock of dial soap. I couldn't help but slide out of the passenger seat without bending my torso for fear that I might tweak it the wrong way. It's still going strong today, but it pusses a little bit every now and then. It's okay though, it took my original piercing about a year to fully heal. I still have the barbell in that it was pierced with and I will make a trip to get a shorter barbell so it has the same look as it did when it was first done, since the swelling has subsided for quite some time.

So that was the day I gave new meaning to the phrase "something old, something new" and I can't wait to do it again. I highly recommend getting this piercing or going to the Pincushion. Don't hold back, just do it already!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Pincushion
Location: Plymouth%2C+MA

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