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My huge hassle!

I got my first navel piercing when I was 18. It didn't hurt at all. I was really surprized that I had felt nothing during the entire healing process. This story is about the risks associated with a navel piercing, and my efforts to make my body stop rejecting the piercing.

As previously stated, my first navel piercing was done when I was 18. I should have known by the piercer's superior attitude toward me that this piercer was a bad one! She prepared the utensils, and I laid down as she marked me. She used a cork to catch the needle as it punctured my skin. I felt a little pinch, then a burn, and that was it! Really pain free! Howevever, the placement was horrible. It was crooked, and I kept it in for about 6 months before I decided that I absolutely hated it. I took the curved barbell out, and surprisingly the hole closed within minutes and there was virtually no scar! I decided to wait a year and get it re-pierced, straight, and by someone else.

A year later, I got a few girl friends of mine, and we all got cute belly piercing together. This one hurt a little, but the piercer said it was because she was going through scar tissue, and the clamps might have bruised me a little. This piercer was so sweet! Mine piercing was looking great! I loved it! I had it for about four months or so. I always took a little 'peek' whenever I could...except one day, when I was peeking to admire my piercing, I found that I had lost my top ball, and the jewelry was gone! I drove back to my piercer, and she said that it looked healed, and she put a new curved barbell in for me. (She cleaned it in hand sanitizer) That is when everything went down hill. It wasn't healed! It got infected, and my body began pushing the jewelry out. I was very upset, but I was assured that if I take it out now, the scar wouldn't be so bad, and I could re-pierce it. I took it out and waited another year.

Finally, a year later, I got it re-pierced. I had a little scar, so the piercer went through the scar tissue to try and hide the purple indented scar the previous migration had left. This piercing hurt badly! I could tell that the piercer had to push harder to get the needle through this time, and that just made me feel a little nauseous. This piercing only lasted a month before it began to migrate. I was very upset! I had to take it out again! Now I had this huge, purple, indented scar right above my navel. I waited a year and a half to try again.

A year and a half later, I tried for the fourth time. I don't think I have any nerves in that area anymore, because I didn't even feel it! It was deep, beautiful, and lasted for three months! Migration began. This time I went to my dermatologist to see what I could do. He told me to take it out. I felt like a freak at this point. All of my girl friends had theirs, and I just felt inadequate. My dermatologist said that I was being shallow because I wanted the scar fixed....so I called a doctor that deals with shallow and vain people all of the time....a plastic surgeon!

I recently went to a plastic surgeon to get the scar removed. I got a shot of lidocaine to numb the spot, which was the most painful shot I have ever had! It hurt so bad I passed out for about a minute! My husband was standing over me, but I had no idea where I was at. After I regained consciousness, she took the top layer of skin off, and even cut the scar tissue out. The healing process has been very painful. I am allergic to hydrocodone (Most common pain medication) so I didn't get any. I have had to deal with the pain naturally. The plastic surgeon said that she could re-pierce it for me herself (I didn't think a doctor would do that!) She had me purchase a titanium ring that is so light, it feels like you are holding nothing. I have titanium implants in my jaw, and she said that my body will most likely accept it. I am debating if I even want to try again. Depending on what my scar looks like after I get the stitches out, I might just give up on the whole belly ring thing.

My advice to someone deciding to get a belly piercing...do it once! If it is crooked, just deal with it! This ordeal has been the biggest pain! Literally!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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