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Two failures and a success.

For as long as I could remember I wanted to have my navel pierced. Having grown up in a VERY small, isolated town, this was not something I could even think about getting done until I left home for university.

The first time I had my belly button pierced, I was in my first year of university, and I went to a local tattoo and piercing place with a whole group of girls from my dorm. We actually chose the place because there were coupons for it in the guidebook given to all students in residence - so we figured if the university endorsed it, than it must be pretty good.

I'll admit I was pretty nervous when we got there, but in this case, because we were such a large group, it was like there was courage in numbers. We didn't even think to make an appointment (none of us had ever had any piercings or tattoos before this), but they were very accommodating and they managed to put all of us through.

The place was very clean and all was done very professionally and efficiently. Even though I was the last to be pierced, I was put at ease by the relaxed atmosphere, and didn't chicken out.

The piercing itself hurt a lot less than I thought it would, and was done before I had stopped complaining about how uncomfortable the clamps were. I was sore the first night (I'm a stomach sleeper and so that was problematic) but the next day it was only sore if I bumped it accidentally.

A couple of weeks after the piercing, and I had some crusties, but no bleeding (I was pierced with a 12 gauge captured bead), it looked like it was healing pretty well, at least until I picked up my niece one afternoon and her lacy sock caught on it and tore the piercing a little. It hurt a lot!

For the next four months I fought with my piercing (I wanted it to take so badly that I stubbornly refused to believe that it wouldn't heal eventually). I soaked it with sea salts, applied Mecca (a vegetal antiseptic), and followed the aftercare instructions to the letter, but it just wouldn't heal. Eventually it formed an abscess and I had to see a doctor, who removed it right then and there. I was put on antibiotics and it finally healed with a fairly large scar a couple of months later.

After this experience I was a little leery about any other piercings, but I really wanted this navel piercing. I thought about it off and on for a few years. At the end of my fourth year, my best friend from high school and I decided to get tattoos done in honour of our completing our undergraduate degrees. Because she wasn't from the area, I recommended that we return to the same place I had had my navel pierced four years before since my experience with the actual piercing had been a good one. While we were getting the tattoo done, I had been talking about how much I wished my piercing had healed, and the tattoo artist convinced that I should try it again, since the first time it was an accident.

Well this time, I had it pierced directly through the scar tissue of the previous piercing. Oh. my. god. I do not recommend this. It hurt a lot more than the first piercing, and for a lot longer. Again, I was pierced with a 12 gauge captured bead ring.

Unlike my first piercing, however, which healed fairly well until the accident, this one just did not want to heal well at all and there was a lot of discharge right from the beginning. Again, I followed the aftercare instructions to the letter, and eventually it started to heal.

After about 6 months, I changed the jewellery to a 12 gauge curved barbell - and it actually healed up quite nicely. I'm not sure why this is, but I think that maybe the ring would get tugged on my clothes more often, which was stopping it from healing well.

Unfortunately, just when I thought that things were going well, about 8 months later, while I was out on a day trip, the ball on the barbell must have come unscrewed, and the barbell itself came out. I didn't notice this, however, until I got home that night and the barbell fell out of the bottom of my blouse. I tried to put it back in, but the hole had already closed.

After this, I had pretty much given up on the notion that I was ever going to have a pierced belly button, but again, I happened to go back to the same tattoo/piercing place for my second tattoo, this time to commemorate the death of a close friend of mine, and I thought 'What the hell! Third time's the charm!'

This time I had my lower navel pierced rather than going through the scar tissue a second time. I have had this piercing now, with a 14 gauge curved barbell for 8 months and all seems well. Though it took a long time, I'm really very happy with the result, and to be honest, I love the look of the lower navel piercing, since it's not one that you see so often.

Despite all the pain and infections, I can only say good things about the tattoo/piercing place, and I recommend it to anyone who is considering having either done in the Niagara region.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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