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Random piercing

Last thing I remembered was a huge pinch in my stomach and a shiny metal bar being stuck through. My new 7th piercing.

Let's see how this moment in my life started.

Freshman year, what a pain. Since I was about 13 or 14, I wanted to get my navel done and Alyssa and I were like "we are so getting it done this summer." That day in the summer never happened. We wouldn't have known what we got ourselves into anyways if we were getting it done.

June..regents..July...August...Sophomore year!

At this time, I pretty much forgot about getting a piercing. The months started to pass by and I would say to myself "I want a navel piercing so bad" but then my other side would say "UM belly ring? EW why would I want one." This argument in my brain progressed into the summer. Ok Six flags.

I went on the roller coasters then Kingda ka. Those straps really pushing in on your stomach. "Thank god I don't have a belly piercing"

July..August.....Junior year! Can't slack of anymore this semester.

So my friend V.. was telling me how she wanted a belly ring. I was like "Omigoshh me too. I've wanted one for a while now." September, October, November, & December passed. Happy 2008!

January was here and I was having contradicting choices about getting my belly pierced. My mind is tres tres random tout le temps (french)--ROOK!--see the problem.

So I tell my friends that I wanted to get it done & they started the conversation with, if you do crunches and stuff or exercise a lot it turns red. I was thinking about "Hmm belly piercings sure can be annoying but too cute to give up on."

February was around the corner and the first week that time I was complaining about getting a belly ring & I had already done research on the after care and the negative side of it when you don't care for it properly. I even saw pictures of the infections, they weren't too pretty. So I tell my friend V.. we should get our belly pierced. I didn't really care about the side effects, if I craved for a it a few years ago, I might as well just get it done.

So we planned out a time to get it done & I looked up a studio & did extra research on it. A week before I asked my mom. The roadblock to getting new piercings. She surprised me & said yes if you want. Mission accomplished. Now it was the pain of waiting until Wednesday, the day I go off to the village after school. So finally the day came & I was very nervous.

Once me & V... got there we spent over an hour looking for the place. I totally forgot to bring the address or phone # but I knew a women did the piercings since she picked up the phone the day I called the place to ask for the age and stuff.

Finally we go back to the first place was went in, hmm I guess this was the place I looked up. my mistake. Ok I got this really plain banana bell. Something I wouldn't have chose. I was like can I have a choice & the guy was like this is the starter piercing. Everyone gets pierced with this jewelry first. Whatever.

I had to wait for the piercer. He came & he had his septum & eyebrow pierced I think. I guess he knew what he was doing. I went to the back room with my friend & he cleaned the stuff and the place to pierce & marked the spot to be pierced & i covered my eyes. I felt a sharp pinch in my stomach then a sharper pinch afterwards. "Is it through!?"

It was done & I was like that's all? Where's the clamp you asked?

Well I guess he didn't use one so I have no idea if the piercing would've hurt more or less. He went over the aftercare. Don't touch it unless cleaning, use bactine or antibacterial soap...I paid, tipped then left.

I walked & the new piercing was so uncomfortable. I went on the train & sat & a burst of "uncomfy-ness" I felt. Ok it wasn't a huge pain, it felt like touching a bruise.

I got home & all I could do was check it & see how it looks like. It was red on the top & I cleaned it with bactine. Friday that week I had noticed that there was blood in the bottom part of the piercing. It was a mixture of fresh and I dried blood. It wasn't a lot but I kind of freaked.

The day was over & I used saline solution to clean it instead.

February week 2...week 3...leap year...march.

The piercing is in good condition & I haven't gotten it infected yet.

After this whole experience, Im really happy with it. What really made me get this is my friend telling me to enjoy my teenage years while it lasts. If you want want make sure you wait to get it done because you might not know if you regret it later. In my case I should have gotten it done a while ago.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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