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No pain, much gain

This is the short story of how I ended up with a standard navel piercing.

I'm not normally a one for making hasty impulse decisions, but this was one that I am incredibly pleased with. It was a cold Saturday morning at the end of January and I had just finished work and received my pay packet. That afternoon I was due to catch a train to London to see two great friends of mine for the weekend - and I needed something spontaneous and awesome to show them. I had an hour to burn and a pocket full of money (a rare and happy event in my life), so I decided suddenly to get my navel pierced. A couple of my friends had had it done recently and it looked beautiful, so I phoned abnormal (who had done my anti-tragus to perfection) and made an appointment for 11.30am.

I bought myself a cereal bar and a drink on the way, to keep my energy levels high, and arrived at the shop full of excited anticipation of my new piercing. It was raining outside so I was soaking wet. Mike was friendly and chatty, as before, which kept me calm. I signed all the relevant forms and was led upstairs to the clean piercing room. I stood up while Mike drew dots on so I could check the placement, and it was fine. I had the sudden "OH MY GOD, DOES IT HURT?" moment as I lay down, and he assured me that it didn't, at all. Now I'm not the skinniest chick in the world so we had a laugh about size 0 girls and how hard it would be to pierce them. This made me feel better, as I'm normally not that confident about showing my tummy to people.

And it did not hurt - one bit!!! Even ear lobes were total bitches compared to that. It was literally, nothing. Not a sting, not a tug. Even when he was putting the jewellery in, it didn't hurt. Within seconds, I was happily admiring my brand new beautiful metal (plain barbell). Mike put a dressing on it to protect my clothes from blood, and gave me the usual aftercare instructions. I paid my money (they gave me £5 off for being the first customer of the day - now that's service!) and went off home, very happy.

I showed it to my friends in London that afternoon, one of whom, coming from a pretty conservative home, has never seen a navel piercing before. He was surprised when he saw it (I think he was probably imagining a true navel piercing in his mind!) and said that it was more like a "skin piercing" which made me laugh. As I was in London for that night, I wasn't able to soak it in saline properly; I gave it a quick wipe with tea tree oil, apologised to it, and hoped that it would forgive me. It bled quite a lot over the first couple of days, but didn't hurt. For the rest of that week I dutifully soaked it, and though it stayed red, the swelling went down, and I couldn't stop looking at it and how pretty it was.

However, over the next few days it was producing a lot of crust and the top ball of the barbell kind-of embedded itself in my skin. Of course, I freaked out majorly, but carried on cleaning it twice every day. After a few days of having to actually pull it free from my skin, with scary images in my mind, I decided to put a plaster on it to make sure that the bottom barbell was supported and stopped the top one from sinking into my skin.

This worked a treat, and now it's all but fully healed. It looks so beautiful - it's definitely one of the most common piercings, and I can see why. My self-confidence has had such a massive boost since I've got it done, I'm proud to show off my tummy now, with its lovely decoration. Since seeing it, three more of my friends have decided to get it done! It's definitely my favourite piercing (along with my anti-tragus) and the least painful one to date.

I stopped saline solution soaks after about 4 weeks. It's only given me grief once, when I caught it on the edge of a desk and was crying with the pain - luckily it wasn't ripped or anything. Apart from that, it's barely hurt at all, as long as I don't roll over on to my stomach in the night. I would recommend this piercing to anyone, it's really pretty and heals well as long as you take care of it. Celebrate your curves, girls.

I really must make a habit of making impulse decisions.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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