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My bittersweet navel piercing.

Upon reaching the age of sixteen, I had a new craving for piercings. I had already had my lobes pierced twice, my tragus, and my lip pierced, so my mother had no objection to anymore piercings. She knew not to take a chance with me, since I had pierced my own lip. Since I was so determined to get my navel pierced, she finally took me. We went to Skin Deep Tattoo/Piercing Parlor in Levittown recommended by my friend Heather, who got her navel pierced there a few years ago. My mother had to present identification as my guardian since I was under the age of eighteen.

After she finally found her driver's license, she signed a few papers. We were charged $40.They asked me to pick out a barbell or ring, and I chose a hot pink barbell. We waited for about 15 minutes, and I made conversation with the woman next to me. She asked me what I was getting pierced. I told her my belly button. She told me that she used to have her navel pierced both on the top and the bottom (an inverse navel ring), which started to give me ideas ;] I figured that after I got my navel ring, Id ask for an inverse one. Well only after it heals, of course.

So finally I was asked to come take a seat.I laid down and exposed my stomach.The piercist made small talk with me by asking me what school I go to, while he marked my navel with a felt marker.He put on a pair of gloves, and clamped the upper region of my belly button.This felt uncomfortable.The cold metal felt odd against my skin especially since it was clamped so tightly.In fact, the clamping process may have hurt me more then the next part when he used the autoclave to pierce through my bellybutton.The pain of the needle going through lasted maybe five seconds.The needle that came through the autoclave was a sharp pain and hurt more coming out then going in.It was over quick enough, though. He then inserted the jewelry and it was over.I stood up and absolutely adored it the second I saw it. It looked incredibly good to me.It was perfectly in the center, which eased my fear of it being crooked.It wasn't nearly as painful as I expected it to be. My piercist gave me information on how to clean it and what to use.I highly recommend going to Skin Deep if anyone is ever in the Long Island area.I know I'll be coming back there a lot more. Before I left,I decided to buy another bottle of H2Ocean Spray in case I run out of my first one for my other piercings.I thanked my piercist and left.

After the initial hour of my new piercing, it began to feel very sore and it almost hurt to walk.I had guitar lessons to go to, so it was hard for me to play my guitar without brushing it against my newly pierced bellybutton.That would sting a lot.When I went home, I immediately cleaned it and put a bandage over it to avoid ripping it out while I change my clothes.It still continued to be sore, but after a warm bath, it started to hurt less. That night, I could not sleep on my stomach at all. It hurt to even rest on my stomach.Although after a couple of days, the soreness finally went away and now it barely ever hurts. I still continue to clean it every day, three times a day. I use H2Ocean and a q-tip to get rid of the crusting and redness.Sometimes I use half a teaspoon of table salt boiled in hot water and and I pour it in a cup which I leave upturned on my bellybutton for about 15 minutes.keep checking on it frequently to see if its alright, but that actually something I need to cut down on. I was told that I shouldn't touch it with my hands, especially if they're unwashed.Sometimes I worry that the redness could be a sign of infection but when I showed the piercist they assured me, that it was healing normally since it had only been a week since I had it pierced. I stay away from tight or lacy clothing that tends to pull on the barbell when I change. Im also careful to avoid hugging anyone too closely and refrained from anything physical for a week or two while it was still tender.I've had to be extra careful at track practice, and wear loose fitting clothing.I've grown to love my new navel ring.Its a size 14 gauge currently, but Im thinking of stretching it to be even larger later. I cant wait until three more months so I can change my ring to a different barbell. My advice to anyone who wants to get their navel pierce is to just go for it. I know I did :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Skin+Deep
Location: 14+Southberry+Ln%2C+Levittown+NY+11756

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