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The Silent Rebellion at 18...the navel piercing

This is the description of my first-ever piercing experience.  For a couple of months I had been planning to do something special for my 18th birthday and the one thing that I could come up with that would be private, cool and not completely permanent would be a piercing.  I chose the navel piercing because it is obviously covered most of the time and I had to be careful because my parents don't approve of boys with piercings.  For me, this was not only a way to celebrate my entry into the technical world of adulthood, but I knew it was going to look good and it was going to be different because as far as I know, I am the only boy at my school with a navel piercing and it is so cool!

I actually had my piercing done yesterday!  I left straight from my high school and went to Skin Graffix, a local tattoo and body piercings parlor.  I went inside and immediately to the counter where the man who would do the piercing took my license and copied all my information for their records.  I then, of course, had to sign a waiver after I read the fine print which included the risks of the piercing.  I also asked the artist a couple of questions and I think that my main question was how long it would take to heal?

After our short consultation at the front counter I was taken to a room where there was a chair that looked a lot like the chairs they use at dentists offices.  It was covered.  The guy washed his hands and then had me stand straight in front of him.  He asked me to stand straight and tall and to look forward at the wall while he used a body marker, like surgeons use, to mark a tiny dot above my navel.  He explained that this was his mark and he wanted to make sure the piercing was symmetrical.  While I was standing he grabbed the clamp and used a rubber band to tighten the handles so that the grip would not move.  The he asked me to lay back in the chair and I was in his hands.  He put on gloves, blue and sterile, and then he showed me the package that my new tools were coming out of.

At this point I knew I was about 5 seconds from having my first piercing so I called my friend in the room so he could hold my hand because I was a little nervous.  I was told not to look because it was going to seem "weird" so I closed my eyes.  Then the piercer told me to take a deep breath and exhale and then he pierced me and I never even felt it!  When he told me to breathe deep I knew it was about to happen so I basically cut the circulation off to my friend's hand while I watched his face cringe at the size of the needle that was sitting in the skin at the top of my navel.  This kind of made me a little nervous.  But I couldn't believe that there was barely any pain!  At this point I could feel some tugging, no pain, just some tugging and I saw him fit the ring into the newly made hole in my skin.  The guy explained to me that for a new piercing you should get a captive bead ring because they are easier to take care because you can simply turn them to clean them and I think that this is the option that most piercers are going to go with.  After he inserted the standard sized captive bead ring I stood up and took a look in the mirror and it was awesome!

This is when we had another mini consultation about how to take care of the new piercing. He told me straight off that the navel piercing can take a while to heal.  I was ordered not to touch it for a while unless my hands had been washed.  Apparently the key to getting a piercing to heal is leaving it alone!  I was told to wash it with dial antibacterial hand soap twice a day while I was in the shower.  I was supposed to wash any "crusty" material from the ring and carefully turn the ring.  After my shower he mentioned it might aid in the healing process to use Bacitracin, an infection preventing ointment.  I bought all of this at the same time as the piercing and then I gave him a tip, thanked him and went home. I was given a little more comfort when he told me to come in to the parlor in a few weeks so that he could make sure it was healing properly, but he explained to me how it important it would be to call him if I felt pain or discomfort or anything.  So I am definitely going to be watching out for that for the next few weeks.

I love the piercing! It looks really good and it only hurts a little when I bend over.  It's really not that bad though.  It did not hurt and it's easily hidden or shown.  I had a great experience and I would recommend this piercing to anyone!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Garry%27s+Skin-Graffix
Location: Rocky+Mount%2C+NC

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