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A Navel Piercing on the Bathroom Floor

Before you come to the assumption that I'm just another stupid teenage girl who wants to be cool and have a navel piercing, here's some background for you. My moms just a bit over protective. She refused to allow me to get my ears pierced, yes, the simplest of all piercings. Just one in each ear was too much for her. So after years and years of begging, I got sick and tired of trying to change her mind. I already wanted a multitude of piercings, but all I asked for was this. One night on a whim, I decided I'd just do it myself. I probably pierced each ear with a safety pin  6 times because I wasn't careful with placement. When my mom found out they were pretty infected and she made me take them out. However, I guess this convinced her in some way I was ready to have my ears pierced, and she took me to the wanna-be piercing shop of doom. Claire's. I knew better but I wanted them pierced. Then, I got bored of just have boring little earrings, so I stretched them all the way up to 7/16" without my mom knowing. She noticed, grounded, took them out, you get the picture. However, I started to get smarter. I had already ordered piercing supplies to do my septum with. All professional grade, too. I did as much research as possible. Pierced it perfectly, healed up, easily hidden. While this was healing I stretched my ears back to 4g which wasn't to difficult. But then I started to get the piercing itch again...

I figured the navel would be an easily hidden piercing. I hardly show my stomach except when I go to the beach and that could easily solved by wearing a one piece. Yes, its not the most unique or interesting piercing, but I figured why not. However, after some research I found out doing it yourself wasn't usually a pleasant experience. I decided I'd try anyways. I got out my supplies, the curved barbell I'd bought, cleaned it, marked it, clamped it (which I found to be rather painful), and put the needle to the skin. After pushing a bit, I looked down and the needle was hardly through. I tried a few more times, but concluded I didn't have it in me to do it. Rather disappointed, I needed to find another way.

I finally found someone to do it. My friend Niki (yes, with one 'k'), no stranger to piercings, offered to help. I brought all my supplies to school, we met at the specified place after 2nd period, and went off to the girls bathroom. Now, I know what your thinking. What idiot is going to get pierced in a dirty, old school bathroom. I wasn't really thinking about repercussions, I was thinking about getting pierced. So I laid down (mmm, dirty bathroom floor), and we set up. She put on the clamps and I hesitated. She took them off and I took a few deep breaths. Back on. I told her to just do it and closed my eyes. Over the pain of the clamps, the piercing was nothing but some pressure, but I'm glad Niki did it quickly and cleanly. I opened my eyes to see the needle through. I instantly got a big smile on my face and she easily slid the jewelry in thanks to the hollow needle. After screwing on the ball, I got up and felt the adrenaline. Excited and with a slightly bloody navel, I walked carefully to class.

I was rather sore for that day, and working out wasn't too fun, but I was excited. When I examined it more carefully, I noticed it was a bit shallow compared to most navel piercings I'd seen, and  it wasn't really in my navel just kind of above and on the edge of it. It still looked good, just not exactly like a traditional navel, which I don't have a problem with. Its 4 days after, and the soreness has already gone way down. I clean it everyday and do sea salt soaks when I can. To clean it, I use Softsoap, work it through the piercing, and make sure that I get it all out before I do a sea salt soak. At first it was a bit bruised from the multiple times I had put on the clamps. Now, it looks pretty nice if you ask me. Its gotten a good start to healing, and I secretly can't wait to stretch it. Though self piercing or being pierced by a unprofessional friend isn't always a good idea, I'd say it turned out pretty well.

However, now that thats over and the shock of having my navel pierced is starting to wear off, I'm getting that itch again...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Navel Piercing

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