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Went in for a nape ...came out with an inverse navel!


In the last year or so I've craved so many holes (anything from septum to conch to nipples, tongue web, nostril, various lip do dahs), but backed out because of money, giving blood, school, and hell, and worst of all 'would these things actually suit me in the first place'? Since my last piercing was 11 months ago, a rook, I thought sod it, it's high tide I got SOMETHING done. I decided provisionally on a nape, thinking it was out of the way and shouldn't get caught too badly if nothing else. So I headed for Blue Banana, a studio I hadn't been to for a while, but they'd done and excellent job on my daith/ second lobes. Oh! And they were doing £20 all in piercings that weekend and I reckoned the procedure would normally cost about £30. Sweet. I know you shouldn't put a price on your body 'n'all, but I'm a penniless student, and it sounded pretty good to me!


So so so.. I asked the lady at the desk about what jewellery they were doing napes in, and they only had these really diddy surface bars in stock, which wasn't at all what I wanted. I was disappointed but determined to get holed now I'd psyched myself up. And out of nowhere I pulled the humble navel. I got the forms filled out, for once not spelling my own name wrong as I always do when I'm excited and buzzy. They asked for ID, which I always find encouraging- technically you've got to be 16 to get your belly button without permission- and I presented my student card thingy with my picture and DOB on it. I asked the lady if I could come back later and do it, which she was fine with. Then it came to picking out some jewellery, and I suddenly remembered how much I HATE most belly bars. I find the ones with gems really chavvy and irritating for some reason, and I don't like the bars with a really big, bulbous, lower ball (8mm or so, yuk!) that completely obscures the natural navel. Which all seems rather daft, I know... I figured I'd wear sprials, bcrs or little blackline pieces when it had healed. Luckily, they had some cute little curved barbells designed for eyebrows I think, and I picked out a light blue one. I skipped out of the shop pretty excited, couldn't wait to surprise my friends with what I'd chosen to get holed! One of them was pretty keen on going for the belly herself one she'd gotten over her fear of 'having things in her tummy button'. We all went back to the shop, and thinking I'd be ages the others left me in the waiting room.


Literally seconds later the piercer called me in, then it occurred to me 'Sh*t, I'm wearing a dress!!'. I explained I'd decided to get pierced on whim and not really thought through what I was wearing. I opened the buttons in the middle of my dress, but he explained he wouldn't be able to pierce me like that, I'd have to lift my skirt right up, don't worry I've seen it all before etc. So I'm standing there in my mustard yellow tights and doc martins, hoisting up my checkered dress whilst he pens up my belly. He asks it's okay, I look down and it's on the BOTTOM rim. I was pretty surprised, though thinking about it he may have asked where it was going, but I was too nervous to pay any attention was just smiling and nodding at everything he said. Otherwise I'm not too sure why he'd assume it's going on the bottom rim.. Still, it looked fine, and I think I've always prefered inverse navels to be honest, so he got me to lie down on the bed thingy with me skirt up. It was only then when I got REALLY nervous. I hadn't given the whole pain/ needle thing ANY thought up until then. I said I was getting nervous and he said something along the lines of 'Meh, I've been piercing 9 years, I won't give you TIME to get nervous'. He was going ot be one of those ruthless piercers who just got the hell one with it and didn't give you the chance to squeal and run away, alas.. Still, I felt like I was in good hands. In literally seconds I was clamped, and in the needle went. I never saw it, which is good because I would have completely out. Personally, it hurt me a LOT. I know people you get people who say 'You can't feel a thing' but I've never been like that with piercings. This stang a lot, which I wasn't expecting since I've had 3 pretty tough cartilage piercings and thought nothing could really be that bad in comparison. I could definitely the needle breaking the skin on the other side which was pretty surreal. He commented on the fact that I was still smiling, I tend to get obscenely cheerful when I 'm terrified! The jewellery went in very quickly, wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it might be. I sat up and took a 5 second peek, was pretty freaked out by the fact that I had metal in my stomach (and a few straggly belly hairs which can't have been fun!!) No blood though, which I found really odd- all of my holes have bled- positively buckets. But not even the slightest indication here. He slapped a breathable plaster on the area, and I thanked him and went on my merry way. The whole thing took about 2 minutes I reckon. Would have been nicer if there'd been more time for pleasantry, I felt like I was on a bit of a production line but I was too bewildered to really care, and on one of those adrenaline highs.


For the first 4 hours or so I felt absolutely TERRIFIED of bending over, walking up stairs, positioning seatbelt etc but the initial paranoia's pretty much worn off now. Touchwood I haven't knocked it too badly so far. I kept the plaster on for about 36 hours, so it was very exciting to take it off this morning! It's a bit crooked, but I'm sure it'll sort itself out, I don't really care anyway to be honest I really love it! Can't wait to show it off a bit and play round with jewellery. Gave it a quick salt soak this morning- I would normally do it as soon as I got home, but there really wasn't anything to clean off. I'm going to stick with the LITHA (Leave It The Hell Alone!) method, with the odd soak when it looks like it needs one.

Happy piercing guys- and if you're getting one on a whim I think its definitely worth going for a consultation so you know exactly what you're after. I had a pretty positive experience, but I would have liked to have felt a lot more in control.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: some+dude+with+a+pink+beard
Studio: blue+banana
Location: plymouth

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