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So young and so proud

I first wanted to get my navel pierced at the age of 12. It was funny, when I first told my mom what I wanted she was ready to take me and get it pierced. So I ran into my room, put on my belly t-shirt, and ran out to the living room ready to go. My mom of course told me. To this day she still says "I can't believe I was going to let you do that to yourself".

It took my 2 almost 3 years to finally convince my father to allow me to get the piercing.

I was at Chili's with my at the moment boyfriend. I had kept asking my dad "can I get my belly button pierced" time and time again. Finally he stopped saying no and said "fine" my moms mouth dropped and I was stunned. I was so happy.

Sure enough after dinner we went around looking for a place that would do it. Problem was, nobody would do it at the age of 14 years old, even though I was turning 15 in 2 months. At last we found one place, Scratch The Surface.

We told them our situation. They were still touchy about piercing a 14 year old. They gave me some forms and said if my parents signed them and got them notarized they would pierce me. Also if one parent was there for my actual piercing.

The next day I went to a checking place and got those forms signed. I then called my 2 best friends and picked them up. We always promised wed be together for the experience. I walked in the shop and they told me my options of payment and products. I chose the piercing, the bar, and the cleaning care kit for only $60.

They took me in the back, only my mother was allowed back with me. The man marked me and told me to look in the mirror and see if it was where I wanted the hole to be.

After I decided it was right, I layed down on my back on a table and he closed the door. I was told to lift my shirt enough to see my navel. My mom grabbed on to my hand and he counted back from 3. I felt something on 1 but it wasn't incredible pain. My mother said what I felt was the needle coming out, and the bar going in. I stood and looked to the mirror and I felt so amazing. One of my friends who went with me, later that night, got hers done. She used me as her excuse to her mom and too my surprise it worked. She however, didn't clean hers twice a day and wasn't as maticulous about her piercing as I was mine. Her body eventually rejected the piercing 5 months later. It was not a pretty sight. She had also been using cheap jewlery she bought at side stands in the mall.

It's been 2 years now since I've had my piercing. I couldn't be happier. Although I do admit it is adictive. I now want my left lower lip done, eventually getting snake bites. And I want a nape piercing so bad. My parents however still strongly disagree to this.

Overall, if you're looking to get your navel done, I say go for it. It's relatively painless, just a little discomfort. Don't wait. Life is passing by faster than you know it.

I've never regreted my piercing and I don't think I ever will. It is a decision I stand by 100 percent and am so thankful for.

Here's some things they don't tell you:

  1. It will most likely, like mine, get caught on things like seat bets and belt buckles of others. Don't not expect it to be pulled.

  2. People want to put they're filthy hands all over it...don't let them .

  3. Clean it 2 times a day and always carry the H2o ocean spray in your purse or bag.

  4. Get it done at a professional place, there is a nerve in your navel, that if you hit it, it can give you back pains.

  5. No matter what always buy good jewlery, make sure it says surgical steel or 14kt gold.

  6. Wear a loose fitting shirt and the lowest pair of "low riders" you have when you go to get it pierced. This will make the trip home a lot more comfortable.

  7. Dangle belly rings are cool and pretty but they should be worn cautiously. I bought a dangle and wore it for a while, personally I loved it, but like I said before I was maticulous with my ring.

  8. Clean your belly button before getting it pierced.

  9. Wait a few months after getting it pierced, before stepping into a pool.

  10. Don't let your boy friend/girl friend lick your new piercing, wait a little while. It is fun after it's healed (trust me).

Go out and do what you've been waiting for :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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