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Getting My Bellybutton Pierced

The summer after I turned 17, my family and I decided to take a long and relaxing vacation. I thought it would be very cute to get my belly button pierced and show it off at the beach. My parents weren't sure about letting me get anything pierced; My dad is especially conservative, and wasn't keen on giving his little girl another reason to show some skin.

My first step was to convince them that a belly button piercing was safe and attractive, not sleazy. I used the internet to research how the piercing procedure is done and I educated myself on how to take care of the piercing while it is healing. I presented the information to my parents, and my mom finally agreed to go with me to get more information from an actual piercer.

I found a little local shop on the side of the road that I wouldn't have to drive very far to get to. My mom was skeptical because it was located right next to an adult video store and a seedy strip club. I started feeling a little nervous, too, but I didn't want to show my mom that I wasn't a 100% confident about getting the procedure done.

As we pulled up towards the shop, I noticed that there were a lot of huge guys covered with tattoos and piercings leaning against the building smoking cigarettes. I will admit, they were very intimidating! We went inside, and I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the shop was, and how friendly the people were that worked there. The girl that worked at the desk was extremely nice and helpful. She showed my mom and I the paper work we would need to fill out before I got pierced. I guess my mom noticed just how excited I was, because she finally sighed and gave in.

The piercer was this huge, tough-looking black guy and me, being a very little white girl, looked absolutely ridiculous standing next to him. He led me to a room in the back. It was covered with posters of Scarface, and there was a flat screen TV on the wall, where MTV was playing. My mom came with me to give me some emotional support; I was pretty nervous!

First, the piercer examined my belly button. Everyone's belly button is different, so he was checking to see how thick the skin was, and where the best location was to pierce. Then he cleaned my belly button (which felt really weird) and cleaned the surrounding area of my stomach. He put a cloth on the inside of my jeans hanging out just a bit. This made me kind of nervous because I was thinking, "is it going to bleed THAT much?" The piercer took a marker and put a small dot on the outside and the inside of my belly button. He made sure that the two dots were lined up perfectly. Then he took a metal clamp and pulled the skin from my belly button tight. It didn't really hurt that much, and the taught-ness of the clamp actually numbed the area quite a bit. Then the big part came: The piercer took a huge looking needle out and told me to inhale, and then exhale slowly. As I exhaled, he pressed the needle HARD into my belly button. Because I was already exhaling, and he was pressing down on my stomach, I didn't have the opportunity to hold my breath, or gasp in pain. It did hurt when the needle went through my belly button; It felt like an immense pressure, but the sensation was over with very quickly and it didn't hurt AT ALL afterwards.

The piercer put the jewelery in my belly button and cleaned the area. He told me to clean it with a mild soap and to use salt water soaks every now and then. I was very happy with the result.

A few days later, I was at the beach with an awesome belly button ring! The ocean water REALLY helped my piercing to heal; The salt water cleaned it out nicely and it wasn't even sore. I do suggest that you don't submerge your piercing in the water for too long, or it slows the healing process because the tissue can't breathe. But a few quick dunks in the ocean really helped me out a lot!

The only problem I had with my piercing was about a month or two later. I noticed that on the underside of the piercing, there seemed to be a large "bubble" under my skin. My stomach around the piercing area was also becoming very hard and tight. It felt really strange, and I knew something was wrong. It wasn't going away on its own, so I decided that I would try to pop the bubble with a needle see if that would help. As soon as I did, fluid started draining out of the hole. It was this icky, gooey orange color, and there was A LOT of it. I was completely surprised. I let my piercing drain and I noticed that the tightness and the hardness in my stomach was getting smaller.

Every day after that, I would go through the piercing hole with a needle and dig around. It was quite painful, but I eventually found little pockets where fluid was collecting and couldn't drain. I opened up these pockets, and fluid would just keep pouring out of it. I started using hydrogen peroxide to flush out any more fluid. After several weeks, my piercing healed beautifully, and now it looks great!

I would encourage those who want to get their belly button pierced to think about the risks involved. You will have to modify your outfit, as tight fitting clothing, especially jeans, will press hard onto your belly button and cause it to heal badly. Infections and keloids are also very common with these kind of piercings, and they take much longer than facial piercings to heal.

Despite my trouble, I am very happy with my piercing. I recommend that if you experience any problems, you go an experienced piercer or a doctor. What I did when I tried to drain the fluid with a needle was probably dangerous and not ideal for someone who doesn't really know what their doing to attempt.

If you still want to get your belly button pierced after my story, I wish you good luck! :)


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on: 23 Feb. 2008
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