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Navel piercing...Andy Jays

I've just had my navel pierced after plucking up the courage to have it done...here is my experience.

I've wanted to have my belly button pierced ever since my mum had it done about 5 years ago (also at Andy Jays which is one of the reasons I went there, as she had no problems with it). She always said that I could have it done when I was older, but I kind of forgot about it for 4 years.

It was the day before we broke up from school last summer and my friend and I were sitting in a lesson randomly talking. She brought up the fact that she wanted her ears pierced and I casually mentioned that I'd wanted my belly button pierced. There and then we made a decision to go together the following day to have our piercings done. My mum took surprisingly little persuading and we were all set to get it done the next day. However the morning that we were suppose to get it done I felt so ill and chickened out however my friend still got her ears pierced there and they healed fine (after an infection because she didn't clean them like she was told to!)

So it's Feb of the following year, and one of my other friends was talking bout getting her belly done. I didn't really think much of it until I wore this top that showed part of my belly and I thought "I'd look great in this top with my belly done". So after talking bout it with my friends I asked my mum and although she took a little longer this time, she agreed and we set a date for two weeks time.

So two weeks time was yesterday and we arranged for my mum to pick my friend (the same one that had her ears pierced) and I us up from school and take us to Andy Jays. The entire last lesson that day I was so scared about having it done but I convinced myself that I'd be fine. We parked in the car park and walked to the studio, which was where I really began to get nervous. When we got outside the studio my mum was like you don't have to have it done but my friend was like come on so I walked in.

We walked through the first room where people were having their tattoos done and through to studio two. My mum said to the man what I wanted done and he said I could choose the barbell that I wanted to have. They were in a cabinet in the corner of the room and I chose a barbell that had a deep pink gemstone in it, however there was lots of choice. He went over to his desk and found a pink barbell exactly the same that was being sterilised, and cleaned my belly button and sterilised it with alcohol. He then got out a pen (well pen type thing) to mark where to put the holes.

Once he'd marked out the holes he told me to come and lay down on a bed/table type thing, which he then pumped up to the correct height. I was really nervous at this point so I got my friend to come over and cheer me up! He put the clamp on my belly button which really hurt, not at first but it did towards the end, and put numbing stuff on my belly button area. I laid there for about five minutes while the numbing stuff worked, by this point the clamp was really starting to hurt and when he blew on my belly it was like pins and needles. He then inserted the needle but I didn't really feel it, the first time I knew about it was when my friend went "wow he like just pierced your belly". So I looked down and there was the tubing inside the hole ready for the barbell. The barbell was then inserted and the tubing removed, which was just a tugging sensation and it was all done! I was really pleased with it and was able to look at it before he put the patch on, which I could take off after an hour but he told me I could leave it on all night, which I did as it meant that I didn't knock the piercing in the night.

He then told me the aftercare and also gave me a sheet with it on. He made sure that I was ok and my mum paid and we were gone!

It didn't hurt to start with but after the numbing stuff started to wear off it began to hurt a little. It never really hurt that day, I think this was because I left the patch on so it didn't get knocked. This morning it hurt slightly but not much, until when I was cleaning it I accidentally touched it and it hurt. I've always been a bit of a wimp so it probably wasn't as bad as I thought. I went out as I normally do and knocked it somehow, the top hole began to bleed a little bit. This hurt a little bit but it stopped soon enough and I cleaned most of it off when I soaked it.

I love my piercing and can't wait for it to heal properly so I can show it off (and stop having to ask everyone to pick up my stuff because I can't bend down). If anyone is thinking about having it done make sure you want it because then you'll be more likely to keep it clean as belly buttons can get infected because of rubbing against clothes. It doesn't hurt that much and it's definitely the waiting that's the worse part. The clamp is the part that hurts the most and that's nothing too bad, just a tight squeeze and I didn't even feel the needle.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Andy+Jays
Location: Rochester

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