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A Beautiful Part of Me

I had been thinking about getting my navel pierced for quite some time. I had spent a ton of time researching the piercing, speaking to people who had the piercing, and just generally trying to figure out if I could get up the courage to get it done. While I don't consider myself a baby when it comes to pain, I was worried about how my sensitive skin would react to the act of being pierced, and the jewelry itself. I talked to my aunt, who has very similar skin as myself and who also wanted her navel re-pierced. We decided to get it done at the beginning of December.

My auntie, however, is not the world's most patient person and the following Saturday she called me up and said "Hey. Do you want to just go get it done today?" I thought about it and figured I had nothing to lose, so I headed over to her place. She lives about 45 minutes from me and knew of a good studio near her house where she had gotten her tattoo. We had dinner together and obsessed over our worries (much to the enjoyment of my uncle, who found our anxiety very funny!) We headed over to the piercing studio and, after a parallel parking adventure that had us laughing hysterically, we went in. We told the piercer (I think her name was Nikky) what we wanted. My aunt (remember what I said about impatience?) had been poking at her old navel piercing scar and had irritated it (remember what I said about sensitive skin?) so Nikky told her she would not pierce her as it was appearing a bit traumatized and to wait about four weeks. Although I was sad my aunt couldn't get it done right then, I was really encouraged to hear that they would act in my aunt's best interests rather than just doing it to make a sale. She was disappointed but was also grateful for their professional honesty. Of course, this meant I was facing the procedure alone!

I chose the barbell I wanted – I went with titanium because of my previous metal sensitivities. I chose a barbell with an iridescent stone on the top and bottom. Nikky told me that was her favourite too – goes with everything but still has a bit of every colour in it. She took it away to sterilize and we waited in the waiting room, watching people get tattooed and looking at the art on the walls. When Nikky was ready for me she called me in. My aunt came with me for support.

Everything was very clean and sterile. The needles were in sterile packaging. I cheerfully said to Nikky, "I'm scared s*less!" to which she said, "Cool!" That made me laugh and relaxed me a bit. I kept trying to think of all the young girls only 16 years old who had gotten it done – here I was, ten years older than them and still so terribly nervous! Nikky asked me to lie on the chair and she cleaned me with some antiseptic. I was breathing a little worriedly at this point (okay, I may have been mildly hyperventilating) and she said, "Okay. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to stop panicking and take three deep breaths." It really worked. She clamped me (some say this is worse than the actual piercing but I really didn't find it that uncomfortable) and then she told me how to breathe. She had the needle through so fast I barely had time to register it. (I heard my aunt breathe in sharply as the needle went through me – I think it bothered her more to see it happen than it bothered me to be pierced!) I have been in more pain having blood drawn. I was so amazed at how little it hurt. She showed me the need that had been used to pierce me and bent it in front of me to prove it wouldn't be used for anyone else. I thanked her a billion times as she really had done an amazing job. She told me about cleaning instructions (sea salt soaks and cleaning with a gentle soap) and then gave me a card that had all the instructions on it. That was excellent because I would not have remembered the instructions in great detail as I was on such a high!

When I had my ears pierced for the second time earlier in the summer, I felt quite faint afterward. I was afraid it would happen again for this piercing, but surprisingly I felt fine. It did not get hot and begin to throb afterward at all. It tingled mildly for the next hour but it was pretty ignorable. We went to the drugstore together and bought some mild soap – I still had sea salt at home from my ear piercing. I had a little difficulty arranging my seat in my car for my drive home (I am quite short and drive a standard so my seat has to be fairly far up as well as upright for me to be able to push the clutch all the way in) but I figured it out. I also arranged the seatbelt well down over my hips so it wouldn't pop up and knock the fresh piercing. I drove home in comfort.

When I got home, our kitten (who is an indoor cat) bolted out the front door and without thinking I threw myself forward onto my knees to grab him. I got him, all right, but my piercing was stinging. I was worried I had torn it but it appeared to be okay. The stinging got better after about half an hour. I gave it a gentle salt soak and it seemed quite happy.

For about the first week I had trouble bending over at the waist but that soon passed and was easy enough to maneuver around. It has been 3.5 months and it is doing really well! There is some slight occasional crusting which I just gently clean away. It is still tender if it gets banged harshly (like, if my husband hits it in the night when he turns over) but it is certainly healing well. I have (knock on wood) not had any trouble with infection, redness, or abnormal discharge. It is so beautiful and I also felt that it really boosted my self-esteem – and my husband, for the record, does indeed think it is super sexy.

My aunt got pierced at the same place about a month later and is also reporting excellent healing. So all in all, I am so happy I did it and wouldn't change a thing! If you are debating getting this piercing, I say just go for it. Pain is different for everyone, but that pain I experienced was so minimal that if I had known, I would have done it long ago.

Thank you for reading!


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on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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