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First Navel Piercing!

After not much persuasion, my mother agreed to let me have my navel pierced. She isn't a big fan of body mods at all, after having a bad experience having her ears pierced at eighteen, but she said the navel was a discreet enough place to get pierced.

So, today, I went into the place I wanted to get it pierced in, a business run by my friends family's best friends, so I trusted it, to check on the prices, it turned out it would only cost me £20 (£10 for piercing, £10 for bar). The bars went from £10 - £25 and were all in the safest metal (the least reactive) to use, Titanium, the most expensive being double jewelled and such, the £10 one being simple, still made from titanium and having one embedded jewel in the bottom in-button ball and a plain ball for the screw-y bit. I chose the cheapest, as I was a bit skint. I had many friends who had been there to have the same done, and theirs all looked really good, so I was excited!

So I went back later today on my way to the orthodontist with my mum, who proceeded in signing the form, which asked if I was pregnant, had any type of blood conditions and such, and following me into the designated piercing room, which was a comfortable size, and looked very clean. By this time I was incredibly nervous, because I'm a terrible wimp! Anyone who's had it done knows the nerves you get on the way into the dreaded piercing room!

Stef (one of the tattoo artists/owner/piercer) sat me on the chair and had me lie down, before rolling up my top to just above the bottom of my ribcage and adjusting the chair, which was quite scarily like a dentist's chair!. He used a freezing spray so I wouldn't feel anything, and according to my mum he used a hefty amount, probably because he could see me gnawing my fingernails to death, but it took him about twenty seconds to apply this, doing apparently a thorough job of it.

Then, I saw him opening a sterilised needle packet, which looked quite long and quite frankly rather scary! About thirty or so seconds later, after not feeling anything, just a bit of pressure, I asked if he had done it, because I was wondering what on Earth was going on as I was just lying there, he said yes, I must say I was shocked, I hadn't thought he'd already done it! I was indeed rather relieved and very happy that it hadn't caused me any pain at all. I looked downwards to see what was going on and before I knew it, he had threaded through my choice of banana bell, the simplest/cheapest titanium one with a clear stone in the bottom (also in sterilised packet), and was screwing on the ball. This was a small fiddly thing which he found tricky to handle with his man fingers (some jobs are just those of women, lets be honest xD). Then he gave me a care sheet, I paid, and it was all done! I had done the unthinkable, got my tummy button pierced! Me, queen of wimpiness, queen of hating needles, queen of calling her doctor a child abuser when he's trying to inject vaccinations!

Don't be put off, it is definitely worth having done, it looks great! No pain whatsoever, so don't listen to mean people who say it hurts like hell, because it really doesn't!! I definitely recommend Stef's Body Art studio, it's brilliant, hygienic, and is very tidy, and there's a great selection of Jewellery available to buy, which also proves a very good distraction from the nerves! It's unlike any other tattoo place I've seen before, as it's very well presented, and doesn't have a thug-like dirty look to it. Even mum said she thought it looked nice, which is surprising!


The only pain I have experienced since I've had it done is when I stupidly try and twist my body or sit down too quickly, if I apply too much pressure it hurts as well. It also became a little sore about twenty minutes after having it done, once the numbness had died off, but now that pain is gone. But I was somewhat confident it wouldn't hurt after reading some of the stories on here, as this site was indeed a great help! Also, I really recommend asking your friends who have had it done where they had got theirs done, and if they have had any problems, as the best way to find out decent piercing places is to hear the opinions of people who've had experiences there, rather from what the place has to say about itself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Stef+%3AD
Studio: Stef%27s+Body+Art+Studio
Location: Newport+Street%2C+Bolton

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