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Yay! Roadtrip to Navelville.

 Preparing for a graduating trip this summer I figured, why not. I'm 18, passing all my classes and going to be on the beach all summer. It didn't take much persuading when one of my closest friends offered to take the trip with me into the city and make it official. This girl is killer, and on top of everything, she even set up my appointment for me! And my momma? I have respect for her. I wouldn't go out and pierce up my face while I was in her household.  I don't think dressing up my dreary little belly button would stir up too much controversy or, worse yet, make me sleep on the streets. And the boss, I don't think the boss would be too happy when I waltzed in with a tragus. :) I'll save that for another day. Yay! Thank you patience! Haha, so hook up with my girl, make a phone call and drag along another love. [She'd been thinking on a septum for a while.] Why not. Drive down, appointment's already been made. Parking was horrible.

"Why not park in that Quizno's Parking Only Spot?"

"Uh, because bitches tow, that's why."  Parked and set to head out, reality kind of set in. There was no way I was going to turn back now. Hells no. I've been waiting on this for quite the time! Okay, maybe not that long, but freaking ay, who would pass up the opportunity? Trying to pick up some self confidence, I stride up front to reach the studio first.  The three of us wander in. The entire place was empty except for the artist and his, what only I could assume, secretary or assistant.

 "You the girl with the navel?" He spoke eying all of us, so I stepped up.

 "Yeah, ready when you are." I convinced myself a barbell would be a better decision, and that getting a ring would be healing suicide. I'm a klutz. I'd hit it, smack it around and probably tearing it out. The closer this thing was to my body the better. I signed my paperwork and waited while my license was photocopied. It took a little while, and a slight hint of impatience crossed my piercer's face. Hurried, I chose a little beauty of a barbell. One of my loves announced she was willing to attempt a septum, brave child. So she did her paperwork as well. My piercer left to sterilize the jewelry. A few moments later, he called us back. The three of us proceeded to the back room.

 It was a good sized room. We were comfortable and not at all cramped. First up? I gave it no second thought. He marked everything out. I checked, rechecked, then confirmed with my ladies that everything was in order. Up on the table, forearm covering the eyes. I've seen the process before; there was no reason to psych myself out. I was marked, clamped, and flat on the table. Who knows what comes next? Ahh! crap. Not bad. AHH, no no I'm cool. I'm cool.

 I figured not making any noise, well out loud, would be best for everyone, and my own ego. :) I didn't want to freak out Miss Septum in the corner, I knew she'd be going through hell in a minute. I sat patiently, unwilling to move, while he cleaned the site up of a little blood and replaced that monster needle with my little barbell. I had to have been so pale. Took my time getting up. Anemia is quite the monster in a few situations. Worked my way up to a stand, checked it out. So adorable. I've no regrets. Starbucks afterwards, who can resist a little chai? Not me. We wait for our drinks, the entire time I'm amused by the stares my honey's newly pierced septum is attracting. Note to Self: Purchase retainers before going over to the grandparents for dinner, damn traditionalists.

 Upon coming home, I showed it to my sister. Have to watch out for that one, make sure that she doesn't run off and have one of her buddies with a sewing needle attempt something stupid. Eeeh, gives me the chills just thinking about it.

 It hasn't been painful since, but I'm a total clean freak about it. It's sensitive, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't say painful.  I'm taking no chances. I was told to be aware of how I sit, how I move, basic everyday things. I'm just working on dressing carefully and maneuvering seatbelts. Band aids have been my best friend when it comes to near fatal brushes against objects. Change them twice a day and keep them nice and loose. I'll use antibacterial soap in the shower and a warm, clean mini salt bath before I sleep to clear to clear any discharge. It's strange, I haven't really had a problem with crusties or anything.


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on: 11 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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