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Rejection Number 2

Around an hour ago I took out my navel piercing. Ten months ago I also took out a helix piercing in my left ear, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

For probably two years now, I've wanted to get my belly pierced. I asked my mom when I was 13 if I could get it done, and she said flat out no. Looking back now I can see why, having a piercing reject can be a traumatic experience and I was pretty immature at 13. Months passed and I still wanted it done, but I didn't nag my mom about it until late 2007, after previously giving up on trying to get my lip done.

Days rolled around and the topic seemed to be forgotten, until my birthday that is. I was at my holiday house with some friends, and wandered out to get some sunscreen from the kitchen and all of a sudden I hear:

"Millie I've decided to let you get your belly pierced."

Ooh I was so happy it was unbelievable, what a great birthday present!

Five days later I'm woken by my dad telling me that I'm getting my belly pierced that day. Yeah you heard me, I didn't choose when to do it, my parents did! But I didn't care I was just overjoyed to finally be getting it done.

So me, a good friend and my dad headed down to Knox Shopping Center, while I sent a text to a friend who recently got herself a fabulous monroe [that's looking great!] during early December asking where she got it done. She was quick to respond, telling me the place she got it done; New Image. I'd never heard of it [stupid mistake that was! Always know the place you're going to, and check it out BEFORE you get pierced there], but since her monroe was coming along so well I figured I'd be fine.

Once we found the store I started to look at the jewelery that was displayed in a glass case at the front of a store [which is actually a beauty parlor cross body mod store], the piercer coming over to ask if we needed any help. I said I wanted to get my belly pierced, and she said sure, got me to fill out a form and sign some stuff, and pick out the barbell I wanted. I picked out one with orange stones in the top and bottom, which was a great choice I later discovered, it sparkles so beautifully!

The piercer told me to come back in 15 minutes while she sterilized the jewelery, so we went for a bit of a wander after I paid until the 15 minutes was up. When I returned the piercer took me out the back into an extremely clean area where I waited with my friend for a couple minutes. Then I went into the piercing room which was also super clean, and was told that the girl that was in there was a trainee piercer and would be helping with the procedure. I said that was fine and then it began. [well it began after they closed the door on my friend, she apparently wasn't allowed in the room? I'm not sure if that's normal or not oO]

I'm sure you know the drill, but I'll say it anyway. She wiped my navel with an absolutely freezing cloth kinda thing [anesthetic? I'm not sure], then marked out where to pierce. When I looked in the mirror it didn't seem crooked, so I said it was fine. That was probably the absolute hype of getting the piercing that made my mind go "Whatever, it's fine, just do it!" which was so stupid. So I lay down on the chair and she clamps the area, [clamps so do not hurt seriously.] then told me to breath in deeply, then to breathe out. As I was breathing out she pierced my belly, but I discovered I didn't breath in enough and found myself out of breath rather quickly. Oops. She disposed of the needle and pulled the tubing through a bit more, then got the trainee to put the jewelery in. I think it was her first navel piercing, as the piercer ended up showing her how to get the jewelery in properly. She tried to put the ball on but it proved a bit of a pain and the piercer ended up putting it on. Wipe the area again, no blood, which is good apparently.

I get up and look at my new belly piercing and the mirror and I'm SO happy with it! I couldn't stop grinning. The piercer goes over the aftercare instructions and gave me some saline packet stuff... I don't know it was weird. Apart from that she didn't give me any kind of aftercare product or anything. I go outside and show my friend and she says it looks great. I'm walking really carefully at this point since I now have a piece of metal in my belly! It hurt a lot to move into certain positions and when I got home I discovered that I slouch in my computer chair which put a lot of pressure on the piercing. Sleeping was a breeze and so was cleaning it. I took good care of it, though I guess I did fiddle a bit too much with it.

Later that night lying in my bed I discovered to my horror: It was crooked, and not just a tiny bit, a good 3-5mms to the left. It was extremely obvious. I was so upset to discover this, and was tempted to take it out there and then, but I didn't. I coaxed myself into being okay with it crooked, and left it be.

Skip ahead a month to today. Around two hours ago I arrived home and checked to see if my post on an Australian piercing forum had received any responses, and it had. I had shown photos of my piercing and asked if it should be doing what it was doing. That being constantly oozing fluids and becoming crusty, which caused pain on occasion. The responses I got were to take it out to make sure I only got minimal scarring, so I did [and that it might have been pierced too deep]. Anyone who's ever had to take out a piercing knows how traumatic it can be, and to have both piercings that I chose to get done myself [as a baby my mom got my lobes pierced] to be taken out, it was so horrible. I'm glad I took it out soon, but it's very upsetting to have no little bit of metal sticking out.

And to add to the fact that my belly really wasn't happy with that piercing, within an hour the inside had totally sealed up and couldn't be penetrated at all [not that I tried, but I can feel you can't put anything in there now]. Now I have a great little red sore on my belly button, and it's not even centered. Oh well, so long as it heals over without a problem I'll be happy.

So when you get a piercing, make sure that you go to a good studio, and if you have any problems or it doesn't look like it's healing, get some professional advice; and quickly! Before you leave it too long and it gets a scar. Don't even try to save it, it's better to take it out before it starts to reject really badly and have a little scar than end up with a big scar.

Happy piercing folks :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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