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My Navel Piercing

Ever since I was thirteen I wanted my navel pierced. My obbession started the summer before I went into eigth grade. I begged my mom, who said it would be allright if I went and got it done. After that I studied everything I could and everything I would ever need to know about getting my navel pierced. My friend also had wanted hers done, so we both were looking for a studio. Soon my friends mom found a studio but we found out that we had to be fourteen to be pierced. While both of us were thirteen. We each had a few months to go.

That march, when it was my friends birthday, she got hers pierced. I wasnt insanley jealous because I only had intill April 29th to get mine done and that wasnt long away. When my birthday rolled around, my mom promised me i'd get mine pierced after I visted my grandparents in California. When we got back, my mom told me soon i'd get it done. I kept asking but it she always told me i'd get it done in a few weeks. I started getting angry, because I wanted it done before summer started, so I could atleast swim without worrying it would get infected. The months kept passing by, and I still didnt have my piercing.

In august, I finally got my mom to tell me we WOULD get it pierced the following monday. Later that day, my grandparents in California called, and we were needed out there. I was dissapointed that we were leaving the day I was suppose to be getting pierced.

I kept asking her. So in January she agreed she would take me to get it pierced that weekend. That didnt happen either. So I got her to agree that she would take me the next friday and if she didnt I would pierce it my self (or my dad would take me). So friday rolls around and my day started good. We ended up getting a snowday so that made me very happy. Then my mom called me and told me that she would be coming home around 2:30 and we could go around then.

My mom gets home and she watches her show, then she told me to get ready, and to call my friends and tell them that we were on our way. So we pick them up and head to Akron Ink. When we arrived their the lady asked me what I wanted done, and the piercer, Jeremiah asked if he could see my navel. He said it was alright. Then we filled out our paperwork.

Jeremiah asked me to pick out my jewelry which I picked out a light purple gem curved barbell. He went over the aftercare sheet with me. Then he told us to follow him to the piercing room.

Jeremiah put on his gloves and cleaned the workspace. Soon he replaced the gloves and pulled out everything he would need. In sterile packaging ofcourse :). Then he changed gloves again and got the jewelry out. Then he changed gloves again and marked me up. Then he asked me to go look at it to see if it was allright. He changed gloves and contiuned with the piercing.

He cleaned it, then he clamped me, the clamps didnt hurt, which is what people told me was the worse part. Then he told me to take a deep breath while he put the needle through. I closed my eyes and all I felt was a pinch. I asked if it was through and he told me it was. I looked down and saw the needle sticking out of me. Which I thought was interesting. So he put the jewelry in and reminded me of some of the aftercare. We soon paied and I showed my piercing off to my friends.

I would reccomend Akron Ink to anyone in the area. They were very clean and nice. The piercers were very nice and friendly.

I would also reccomend getting a navel piercing to anyone. They are very cute and It didnt hurt a bit when I got mine done. It is worth about 45 dollars that I paied for it. I also got the H20cean spray for it. So far the piercing hasnt hurt me at all and hasnt been swelling. It only hurts when I press down on it hard. Which I shouldnt be doing, but I wash my hands! So I hope your next piercing goes great and I hoped this helped somewhat. If you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail me or IM me at xo fabbulous xo or [email protected] Also dont peirce your self! I had a friend who found out the hard way not too. Anways Have a very Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jeremiah+the+Piercer
Studio: Akron+Ink
Location: Akron+Ohio

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