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The Rejected Navel Piercing

So since I was about 15 I always wanted my belly pierced. I would go to the beach and see all those older teen girls walking around, with their navels clad in rhinestones. Those spring-breakers on MTV look so cute in the bikinis and jewelry...

My oldest sister got her belly button pierced when she was 18 and I was 13 from my Aunt Dawn as a graduation gift; they got it together. My next oldest sister got hers done when she was 17 and I was 14. This just built up my anticipation. Soon enough, I was faced with the decision to get it. After a year or two of thinking it over (lame, right), I finally decided to go for it.

Previously, I got my cartilage when I was 13, lobes when I was 16, and second on the lobes when I was 17. The cartilage was BY FAR, my worst piercing to date. The burning sensation afterwards, the problems with sleep on that side of your body...although, it IS super cute. ;)

My Aunt Dawn came to down, and we drove to the only piercing place in town, Deep Image. The piercing artist was pretty nice; a young guy, pretty cute. I filled out the paperwork, and soon enough, I was in the backroom, lying on an inclined chair. It wasn't the cleanest place I've seen, and I was a little apprehensive. The jewelry was stainless steel, so I thought that was all right. Fyi, I've had a history of my earrings just getting infected randomly; 3 years after the initial piercing actually. My ears still refuse to recover, so I just deal with the infection on a pretty much everyday basis =. The clamp went on, the needle went in. It all seemed to work out just fine. A little bit of blood; no biggie. I loved it, and felt adorable.

Right after that, I moved up to MSU to start college. I was in the shower one day when I noticed that the stud had fallen out of the bottom of my jewelry. I looked around my room, found it, and shoved it back in. All I could think about was "Great, cheap jewelry. This'll get infected fast." Little did I know...

I lost the jewel 2 more times after that. The 2nd time took an hour of me walking around my dorm and café looking for it, and finding it. The 3rd time, I decided to glue it back in. So I stupidly listened to my mother's advice and bought some superglue. The glue got all over the ring, and it was just bad. The jewel wouldn't fit in right and it looked horrible. I was horrified. Soon enough, I decided to change my belly ring (2 weeks after I got it – BAD IDEA) to one that I had gotten a few years ago in anticipation of my piercing. It was a long dangly frog whose legs got caught on everything. After months of it getting caught on pants and shirts, I put my old ring back in. By this time, it was bleeding, crusty and sore all the time. Finally, this Christmas, my roomy bought me a new pack of belly rings. They were sterling silver or something, kind of cheap. Claire's quality – great. It felt great though, my belly stopping discharging, and I could enjoy it once again.

I soon began to realize though, very slowly, that my body was rejecting my jewelry. It would twist around completely, lie to the side, and slide up and down really easily.... I also noticed that the amount of skin on top of my piercing was getting smaller and smaller. A few weeks ago, I woke up to find a tiny amount of skin holding my room in. There was blood, and I was terrified. I cleaned it with sea salt mixture that night, to see if it would help. There was no hope. I took it out. I don't know if it's my body, or cleaning techniques. I used dial soap and sea salt for a while, to no avail.

I loved the piercing while I had it, but I needed to realize that I just didn't handle the piercing right. There is some scar tissue a lot of redness on my navel now.

If you're going to get a navel piercing, I'd recommend it. Just keep in mind that it gets infected VERY easily, and you must clean it with sea salt mixtures at least 2 times a day. Don't change the jewelry early, or else bad things will happen. I have a lovely scar on my tummy to prove it.

Despite all of these traumas, I am going to get my nose pierced pretty soon at Splash of Color in East Lansing, Michigan. I hope the ring will suit me =]



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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