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Standard Navel (diy)

I have loved piercing for a very long time. I also have many piercings including... 10 in ears(most self-done), cartilage, nose (self-done), lip(self-done), tongue, inverse navel, and standard navel(of course self-done!!).

I suggest that you know what you are doing before you attempt to pierce yourself or any one else.It could be very very dangerous. You risk infection and a lot of other problems. Just know the facts before you pierce =]

Okay. So heres my story about my newest piercing addition. I have wanted my inverse navel done for quite a long time and my mom finally took me about a month ago to get it for a late Christmas/early birthday present. This hurt a lot!! But it is healing beautifully and I have not had any problems with it what-so-ever. And I have already changed the barbell. It looks great (I Love It!)

Since I've had my inverse navel done I have wanted my standard navel re-done (once again). I have pierced my standard navel before but i ended up taking it out.. I pushed that thought out of my head for a while because I'm sure my mother wouldn't want me to get another piercing when I had just got one.

I was sitting in my room tonight and I kept thinking about getting my navel pierced and I decided on impulse that I wanted this done and I was going to do this one myself...Plus I had of all the things that I needed to do it. I had 14g piercing needles , new belly rings, and I also have the clamps... So I thought what the hell....

I then proceeded to take out everything that I would need for this procedure. I took out my pre-sterilized pre-packaged 14g hollow needles, new pre-sterilized, pre-packaged 14g banana bell belly ring, alcohol swabs, vaseline, a permanent marker (not what you should use but that was all I had), my clamps, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, gloves, and paper towels. I proceeded to get myself prepared I washed my hands and the area around my belly button, I then put on some gloves, wiped the area that I would be piercing, then I marked the area. It took me a couple of times to get the markings where I wanted them to be (I had to line these markings up with the ones for my inverse navel!)When I was happy with the markings, I took the belly ring out of it package and put it into some rubbing alcohol ( even though it was already sterilized). I opened the needle package and then dipped the needle into the vaseline and laid the needle onto the package that it had came out of. I put the clamps over the markings that I had made. I then lined the needle up with the marks. I took about three deep breaths and then I decided to give myself a minute to rest. After about 2-3 minutes I was ready to do it. I again took three deep breaths and I pushed down on the needle. It made a slight popping noise as it went through the last layer of skin. I seriously didn't even feel the needle go through. It went all the way through in about 30 seconds. Then I took the curved belly ring out of the alcohol and lined it up with the end of the needle, so that I could easily put the belly ring in as I took the needle out. Well, that didn't go as I had planned the needle was out and the belly ring wasn't even starting to go through, but luckily the belly ring went through very easily! I sprayed my new piercing with some h20cean and then I disposed of everything and cleaned up.

After I was done my hands were shaking I guess because of the adrenaline. I smoked a cigarette and my hands were still shaking. It has only been about an hour at the most two hours but it looks great!!! It isn't red at all and it does not look irritated either!! I love it. Plus, it looks great with my inverse navel =] I'm hoping maybe in the near future to add two more belly ring to my collection (maybe one on each side) but who knows...I'm not sure yet.

My next piercings are going to be my nipples but I think I may just leave that to a professional. But I will definitely write about that experience on here also.

Well, I guess I'm supposed to tell you not to self-pierce and I guess that it is a good idea not to.But as I said before just make sure you know what you are doing and make sure you know the possible risks to what you are doing... I have never had any problems with self- piercings... But then again who's to say what may happen.

Good luck with your future piercings everyone!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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