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My stubborn pursuit of a navel piercing

Well lets just start by saying that I am one stubborn person. At the beginning of 2007 I decided I had to have a piercing, I had just turned 22 and felt like doing something just for a rush. Well anyway, as much as I would have LOVED to get my nose pierced, I am a lawyer and it would not go down well in the corporate environment. Due to my job, I obviously had few options in relation to piercings. So anyway the obvious choice was a navel piercing, not to extreme but also very sexy. I have always been a conservative person, and till I got this navel piercing I had only had my ear lobes done. I was never into the whole ear thing, I didnt see the point of getting multiple ones - my parents had me convinced it was somewhat tacky. I was also reluctant to get anything more out there as I didnt want something that didnt suit my personality. I wanted something that defined me - was dainty like me (I am only 5 foot) so a navel piercing seemed perfect (alas my poor nose will have to be unpierced!!!)

I got it pierced and the piercing was happy for 6 months. The piercing really suited me and just complemented my athletic gym obsessed body. However, because of my stupidity and lack of caring for it the piercing rejected and I was forced to take it out. I was always changing my piercing when I got it and I also put a silver bar in it which I have since found out is a big no no in a healing piercing like the belly button. Apart from that I think that the original piercing was WAY to shallow. I was not really impressed with Off Ya Tree as I feel they could have done a better job. I was so upset to take it out, the piercing had become a part of me and was a way of me asserting my independence from my very strict parents.

Fast forward 3 months and I was walking around my local shopping centre. I had been dying to get my navel repierced since I took it out and it just so happened I saw a sign saying "body piercings $35 (AUS Dollars)including jewelery". So I went in "just to have a look" and ended up making an appointment for an hours time. I was really very nervous making this appointment as I had spoken to another piercing place who said that it may or may not reject again. The last thing I wanted was to lose the piercing a second time. I didnt let nerves get the better of me however! I raced straight to the chemist to pick up some numbing cream and nervously walked around the shops for an hour with the numbing cream working its magic. When the hour was up I went back to the place where I met the piercer and was taken into a very sterile back room. She marked me up and got me to lie down and then pierced me. I cant speak more highly of my piercer - she was lovely and I think she did a FANTASTIC job. My only fault with her was that she probably should have gone over after care with me (even though she knew I had had a navel piercing before). I didnt think the procedure hurt one bit (although I did use numbing cream) and have been delighted with the result.

The piercing has been hanging happy so far for the last two weeks and with diligant aftercare I hope it will stay that way. I went back to the place today so my piercer could examine it and tell me if it is healing ok - thankfully it was. I soak the piercing twice a day with plain sea salt crystals dissolved in a cup of cooled boiled water. I also use a cleaning liquid I got from The Piercing Place in the shower. I also use anti bacterial ear care at night on it. This combo seems to be working alright for now. I feel the piercing just adds something to my body - it is sexy, playful and sparkly just like I am in real life. I have worked hard at gym and love nothing more then to show off my abs with this piercing. It makes me feel more of a women in some strange way, and even my boyfriend agrees that it is an incredibly sexy and fun piercing to have. It also represents to me freedom, independence and FUN and I am just so happy to have it back.

I am so keen to have another piercing done, maybe once my standard navel has healed I will be brave enough to try a inverse navel.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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