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I got my belly pierced at 13, and i love it!

Okay, so my mum, sister (sara) and I went to Singapore for a week to visit old friends because we lived there for a year and a half. While I was there I decided, since it was summer holidays, to get an extreme hair cut and get an industrial. But when my haircut was all done and over i realized I couldn't get my industrial, since it wouldn't be covered up in school. Since my school is private, you cant have any piercings. So if you still want them in you have to hide them or the teached tell you to take them and and all that stuff that no one wants to listen to.

I talked to mum about it and she knew I had been looking forward to it so much! Well, about 6 months...so mum told me I could get my belly done, because she knew I was very disappointed. And I never thought she would let me get it pierced at 13!

Since my sister is 16, she got her belly pierced about a month before me, at this place in whitfords, perth. So she told me all about it and i had to live with her complaining about it being sore...she got her eyebrow done a few months before the belly...and because shes a bit of a drama queen she complained like all the time....haha

So anyways, when we went to the shop where I got my seconds in earlobes, which got infected and i took out because they werent that important to me, and my helix(which i still have and i love it), we asked for me to get my belly pierced. And, it didn't help that my sister kept telling me it was going to hurt like hell! Ha-ha, because she got it before and she thought it hurt heaps(Im better with pain than she is though, what she says hurts isnt going to hurt me much at all. But i still had those butterflies in my stomach!). Anyways, I asked about it, and then all of a sudden, she told me to come with her, and I was surprised since I though we would have to book or something. Ha-ha.

So she told me to lie down on the chair, and she cleaned it and marked it and the whole thing. Then she put the clamp thing on and told me to breath. I was very nervous I must say. Then she put the needle through it and I was like "SON OF A BITCH", which is better than my sister because she just screamed the whole way through. Then she put the piercing through, which I thought hurt more than getting the hole done, but it still wasn't bad. I was REALLY surprised by how little it hurt! It was just like hitting your toe on something. The pain only lasted for a few seconds and it was weak! Just after i had gotten it pierced i had to lay down for a few seconds because my navel was in shock! Ha-ha. Then i got up and showed mum and she was like "yeah, nice...." she doesn't like piercings one bit! But sara (my sister) was like "OMG! Why didn't i hear you scream? It hurt so much when i got it!" Hahahaha. But she thought it was cool, and my friends did too, even though they dont like piercings, tatoos, heavy metal and all that. Im happy how things turned out!

Today I am about to turn 14 and I am really happy about the piercing. I've had it for about a month and I am going to change the jewelry tomorrow because I've got a longer one which was incase of swelling. It's a bit infected but I take care of it everyday, even if it's really boring!

All in all, I'm very happy with it and I cant wait for my next piercing. I know I'm going to have to wait for a few years, but ill live! I think I'm going to get snakebites on my 16th!

To anyone who is thinking about getting their belly pierced, go for it, you won't regret it unless you don't take care of it! But it's really worth it and it doesn't hurt as much as you imagine. Im allready planning my next piercings! Its driving mum crazy! My dad it cool about piercings and tattoos, since he has two himself, and he doesnt really see the harm in them. He actually reccomended for me to get my tounge pierced because he thinks it looks cool! Haha. But im thinking about snakebites and tounge and industrial....Want them all! hahaha. It really is worth it, and if you dont like it, take it out and try something else!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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