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finally i got it donnnee

I have always wanted to get my navel done. After begging my parents for years I finally gave up and decided to wait it out until I was 18 when I could legally do it myself. I don't have the guts to stick a sewing needle threw my stomach and i'm not going to blackmail my parents. So I forgot about my navel for a few months.

Fast forward to June of 07 and one of my best friends comes over my house proclaiming she got her bellybutton pierced. Her mom had always wanted her to get it and she never really wanted it until one day she felt like doing it. This kind of peeved me that she got it before me and she didn't even want it but thats not even the worst part. In august my other best friend got hers pierced. she came over and told me all about how she was able to convince her mom to let her get it done, but that her dad didn't know about it. This really bothered me because even after I begged my mom and showed her all of the facts I even had my friends mom talk to her to convince her its not going to kill me she still said no.I think that inside she thought that somehow it was trashy even thought I garented her I wouldn't wear the dangles that hang down to your waist, just cute little ones maybe with tiny hearts or just gems. But somehow she didn't see why I would want to put a whole threw my stomach.

I was finally able to convince my mom to let me get my bellybutton pierced near the end of my winter sport. I could have been happy after all I had been wanting it forever. I couldn't wait for it to get nice out so i could wear my bathing suit and show off my new piercing.

The day of getting my bellybutton pierced I was truly shaking. I walked into the store. Purple Scorpion the place were both my friends had gotten theirs done. It was really clean and all of the people were professional and nice, let alone awesome to look at with their gages piercings and tattoos. I had to prove my age and have my mom show her id to prove she was my mom then she and i looked over and signed all the consent forms. After that Leo had me pick out a captive bead color for my ring ( they only pierce with rings first) then after 6 weeks you can go back and they change it to a barbell. I picked a green one because I liked the color.

After I picked my bead I went to the back room. Leo wiped me up with cleaning stuff and marked were I wanted it he made sure that it was ok were it was and I said yes. Then he laid down and he showed me that the needle was new and that everything was sterile. Then he put on the clamp which didn't hurt at all. Despite what some people say. after he put on the clamp he told me to take a couple of deep breaths after I took three deep breaths he pushed the needle in. I caught my breath but then I was fine. He slipped the ring in then told me he just had to put the bead in place. Getting it pierced only pinched for a second but that was it. He had me lay there for a second then I was able to get up and look in the mirror. He then told me all about cleaning it and how I should use sea salt soaks on it and clean it with dial soap in the shower.

After leaving the shop I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy to finally have my bellybutton pierced and thinking about how cute it was going to be made me so happy. I couldn't wait to go show my friends because I didn't tell them before I got it done I wanted to surprise them because they didn't think my mom would ever let me get it done. When I got back to my house I got in my car and drove to their houses. after I made small talk with them I was like o yeah and guess what I did, when they saw my bellybutton they were shocked they never thought that my mom would let me do something like that and they were really excited for me. then they started talking about how cute its going to be in the summer with our bellys and I was so excited because I finally got what I wanted

so far iv only hit it on a few things like the side of my computer chair and the counter and it hurt but im getting used to it and it is only a little red. I plan on taking care of it completely because iv heard the horror stories and I don't want that to happen to me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Location: salem

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