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Navel Piercing

In August I decided out of nowhere to get my navel pierced. My boyfriend told me that he didn't want me to, because he thought it was just some impulse decision and I would regret it, and admittedly it WAS an impulse decision at the time. I decided that I didn't care if he didn't want me to; I was going to do it anyway. I talked to my cousin, who has done a lot of piercings and is very good at it despite not being a professional piercer, and he said that he would gladly do it; I just had to buy a barbell to put into it and a 14g piercing needle for him to pierce it with. So a couple weeks later I bought what I needed to. After about 6 months of extenuating circumstances and not being able to find time to get together and do my piercing, we FINALLY set a date to do it on the Thursday after Christmas.

By the time I was actually going to get my piercing I had been looking forward to it for so long that I wasn't really that nervous. I was a little apprehensive, because I don't like needles and it was my first real piercing, I only have 2 holes in my lobes aside from my navel pierced. My cousin came over to my house, and I had my friend who has gotten quite a few piercings with me for moral support. As soon as my cousin showed up, my older brother and his best friend came out of hiding. ALL of us trooped into my room, and my brother even brought the DOG to watch me get pierced.

At this point I was getting a little nervous. I hadn't counted on EVERYONE in the house turning out to watch, and I was a little uncomfortable with it because I could stand to lose about 20 or 30 lbs. But whether or not I was cool with my brother and his friend seeing my chub, they refused to leave nonetheless. So I decided to just get it over with and told my cousin I was ready. He soaked the barbell we were using in a cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, and he also soaked the clamps he brought in it as well, even though he had sterilized them right before he came over. My cousin had me sit in my computer chair, lean back, and pull my shirt up. He marked my belly button once, and then decided he didn't like the placement and marked it again. He asked my friend if she liked the placement, and she did, and I trusted their judgment. Then he clamped where he was going to pierce, and managed not to hurt me at all with the clamps. He had my friend hold the clamps in place while he unwrapped the needle, and then he told me to take a deep breath. While I let my breath out he stuck the needle through. I squirmed a little and according to everyone who was there I made a face, but it didn't really hurt that bad. It felt weird to feel the needle going through the different layers of tissue more than it really hurt. He put the barbell in, and started trying to screw the ball onto it, but we were all making each other laugh so much that my friend had to finish screwing it on.

I finally got up and looked at it in the mirror, and I loved it. I thought it looked a little crooked at first, but it was just from the swelling. The first thing my friend said to me was "You've been waiting for this for 6 months, how good do you feel right now?" And I felt very good indeed, I spent the entire rest of the day smiling.

It was tender for the first few days, and now it only hurts if I hit something against it or if my dachshund climbs onto my lap and steps on it. Even the first night I was able to sleep on my stomach and it didn't hurt or keep me awake. It is a tiny bit off-center, but I absolutely love this piercing. It has been healing up easier than the second holes in my ears did, and it has given me a lot of confidence. My father made fun of me for getting it done when I showed my parents, because I'm kind of chubby, but having my navel pierced has actually given me a lot more confidence about my stomach. Everyone I've showed has said that it looks really nice. Now I'm just wondering what to get pierced next, if piercings have the ability to make me feel this good about myself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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