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Navel Piercing as a Sign of Achievement

My story starts at the beginning of February 2001, I was in year 11 at the time and all the girls at school had their navels pierced. I had just started at a new school and wanting to fit in at the time, also got my navel pierced as well. It wasn't really the piercing I wanted at the time and being quite overweight at the time it didn't really look attractive to me. After a few months it just refused to heal and I decided to take it out and have my tongue pierced instead.

Fast forward nearly seven years. Over the past three years I had worked really hard to lose weight by going to the gym and changing my diet and I lost over 30 kilos. I decided that I wanted to get my navel pierced again. I still had a small gut which probably will never budge but it definitely wasn't the size it used to be. I had mentioned it to my mum a few times in passing but in the last week I decided that I definitely wanted to do it again. Being 22 I could have gone and had the piercing done by myself as I did not need consent but since I still live at home with my mother and grandmother, I really wanted to have their approval before I did it as I love and respect both them and did not want anyone upset. My mother was fine with it and was actually quite enthusiastic about me having it done. My grandmother on the other hand, was not. She is quite 'old school' and doesn't understand about piercings. When I mentioned the subject (this was Saturday night) she got quite upset and said that if I had it done that she could never trust me again with anything and that it would hurt her very much. My mother said to leave the situation a few days and she would settle down. I apologized to my grandmother and said that I did not mean to upset her and that I would still be exactly the same person, pierced or not. I went to bed quite upset that night with the entire situation. I woke up at about 11 and found that everyone was still awake so I went outside. My grandmother gave me a hug which surprised me and said that she was ok with the piercing. She wasn't happy but she would accept it. I was so excited that I could barely sleep that night. I had already researched reputable piercing places and had found one that gave 20% off piercings on Monday and was planning to go then. I had no idea where the place was and asked if my grandmother would come with me at least to find the place. Surprisingly enough she said she would.

The next day I woke up and rang the place to ask if I needed an appointment. He said that no appointment was necessary and that I could walk in at any time. We were eating breakfast and mum suggested that we go that day and that she would take me. Of course I didn't refuse the offer and immediately got dressed and rushed mum through her breakfast. We drove down to the place which was in an arcade upstairs. Immediately my mum was impressed with the cleanliness of the place and how neat it was. There was someone before me so I had to wait. When the piercer finished I told him that I wanted to get my navel pierced. I showed him the scar that my previous piercing had left and he said it wasn't too bad and that he could pierce through it. He told me to pick the jewelry that I wanted in my belly and I picked a bar with a green jewel on the end. He led my mother and I into the room which also was very clean and sterile. I lay on the bed while he explained a few things to me and then asked me to stand up again so that he could mark my belly. He took awhile to make sure that it was exactly straight which made me feel at ease. I then lay back on the bed, squeezed my mum's hand and closed my eyes. I felt a pinch and then a bit of a tug which hurt quite a bit. I then felt him again doing something and then nothing. Mum said that it was finished already. The piercer said that it took a bit of effort to get through the scar tissue which is why it hurt a bit. He put a bandage on it and then gave me an aftercare pack and told me to clean it in the shower with the solution.

I took the bandage off today and admired my newly pierced navel. It definitely looks better than the last time it was done and that the piercing is a sign of my achievement with my weight loss and represents my hard work and determination.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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