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My second choice

I had just turned 17 and I really wanted to get my nipples pierced. I had been contemplating getting it done ever since my mom, when I was a kid, told me I can't get any more piercings (I had just gotten the top of my belly button pierced; two holes in each ear). Joking around I said, "What if I wanted to get my nipples pierced?" and she replied, "I'd take you to get them done and then when you have babies, I want to see you try and handle a new baby and your boobs squirting everywhere.", but being a 13 year old I wasn't even considering getting my tater tots pierced and told her so. Then last year around Christmas (my birthday is in January) I randomly told my mom that I wanted to get my nipples pierced and she looked at me and was like "Hell no!" and when mom says no it's no and if you bug her it will forever be no.

A few weeks go by and I bring up the topic of getting my nipples pierced again and even mentioned it to my dad, who thought I was a complete nut for even considering it, and after many conversations mom finally relented and I called one of the few studios that was close to where I lived. I had previously gone to Terrilyn's to get a standard belly button piercing and had had a wonderful experience however my mom told me that she had no boundaries when piercing people (as in she would pierce a 14 year old's clitoris because she wanted it) and didn't feel comfortable with me going there. So I instead called The Skin Within and the first time I called I got their answering machine service which provided me with shop hours and a couple other tidbits of information which I found useful. I then called again and talked to the owner of the shop who is also the piercist, who's name escapes me however I will include it in my next story which will be my experience getting tattooed for the first time. The piercist was very friendly and answered all of my questions about age limits on piercing and told her that I would like to get my nipples pierced and she offered to close the shop (as there would be a few of us getting pierced) to give us privacy as long as we came at 11 a.m. which is the opening hour.

On a day when all of my friends could go, we piled into my car and we drove to the shop. When we walked in we told the piercist, who was at the desk, that we were the group looking to be pierced and she asked what everyone was getting done. My boyfriend was getting his left nipple pierced, my sister wanted her belly button pierced, one friend her nose and another would change her mind and not get anything done. Before she was ready to pierce any of us my mom randomly showed up and was there in case my sister needed parental consent to get her navel piercing as she had just turned 15 and wasn't 16 as was the shops minimum age.

When I told her I wanted to get my nipples pierced she was very abrupt and rude. She looked at me, asked me my age and I told her I had just turned 17 barely a month ago and she said "No. No. Absolutely not." and completely taken aback I ask her why and she said, "No. Just no. I will not pierce your nipples. You can get anything else done but your nipples." I was completely upset and embarassed for being yelled at for no reason. I looked at my mom and she said, "No facial and no tongue piercings." and I asked about my lower bellybutton and she said that she had no problem with that and even tried convincing me to wait on a piercing and not get one done. After days of anticipation I was not going to wait for a piercing, especially after all the nagging I went through to convince my old fashioned mom that I wanted this done.

While we waited for the room to be ready for piercing, I walked down the street to Terrilyn's (who happened to have just moved down the street) for a second opinion. When I get there I walk up to the desk and talk to Terrilyn herself. I ask her if she had an opening to pierce my nipples. She then asked my age and I told her I was 17 and then she asked me whether or not I had just turned 17 or was about to turn 18. I then told her that I had just had my birthday and she said that she couldn't pierce my nipples because by piercing breasts prematurely, it may hurt their development. She also said that if I were to get my nipples pierced and they were to develop further (I'm a 34 B) my nipples may stretch and disfigure. Something I did not want to happen. Thanking her incessantly for her kindness and thorough explanations. Whether or not it was true it felt good to be treated like a person and have everything explained to me in detail. I left the shop and headed back down the street to The Skin Within.

My friend went first for her nose piercing and everyone who was waiting to be pierced wasn't allowed to go in, so my one friend who changed her mind went in with her for support. After she was done it was my turn and seeing as how I was no longer nervous (I was afraid of getting my nipples pierced) because I knew that the belly button would be a walk in the park compared to a nipple piercing. So as she prepared all of the sterile equipment, marked my bellybutton based on my previous piercing, and clamped me I was talking, laughing and joking; only pausing when she told me to inhale and exhale as she pierced me. My piercing was painless and only felt a slight weight and burning sensation which wasn't uncomfortable. I then kept talking as I stood up to look in the mirror and pull down my shirt. I then received strict aftercare instructions and compliments from my friend who loved the piercing and how cute it looked. My boyfriend then got his nipple pierced which he said hurt enormously and my sister changed her mind and decided to wait to get it done (she's shy and timid, she's not the body mod type). We then paid, thanked the piercist and walked to the mall where my belly button continued to have that burning sensation though eventually wore off after a couple of days.

The healing and aftercare went well for the first week or so until I discovered that the barbell was too short and the balls were sinking into my skin. I went back and got a longer and brand new barbell for free and my bellybutton felt better than ever and was progressing well until I lost a ball and I had to change my little 16 gauge barbell for one of my standard 14 gauges which hurt and was a major drawback for healing time. Even with very careful soaking and washing using soap that came in my care package, my bellybutton is stubborn and doesn't like healing nice for me.

It has been almost a year and my bellybutton still isn't properly healed. My boyfriend bought a spray for his nipple which helped heal it tremendously and am thinking of getting the same thing. I still think my piercing is cute and don't worry I plan on getting my nipples pierced, with my mom's permission or not, soon seeing as how it's my 18th birthday in a few weeks. Wish me luck & Happy Mods!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: The+Skin+Within
Location: Cornwall%2C+ONT

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