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My regular navel piercing

So me and my friends had been contemplating getting our navels pierced together (well, not literally pierced together, but going together to get our navels pierced -separately-) for a while... It had been my job to research for a piercing place and find out the age regulations, since we'd all just turned 16 and sort of wanted this piercing as an independence sort of thing. I had a bit of an issue with parental consent. My mother knew I was getting the piercing but she refused to come anywhere with me to get it done so I needed to find a place that a) wasn't too far away and b) accepted written consent. Those places are few and far between.

I emailed a lot of places, visited a few places, but no place (where we were allowed to get pierced, with age policies and all) really struck me, until two people recommended that we go to Chris at Hairhouse Warehouse. I had overlooked Hairhouse Warehouse since it was a place that specialised in hair and I did not want to get pierced there. But apparently Chris was really good and so I decided to go ahead with that.

Me and my friends set a day and time, and I was super excited, I was finally getting a navel piercing! It was something I'd wanted for a long time and now it was finally happening. Unfortunately, one of my friends had to pull out due to personal reasons (but hopefully we will be going back so she can get pierced!) but I was alright just as long as I had my other friend coming with me. My friend was also going to bring her mum for psuedo moral support.

We got there at 10, only to find out Chris started work at 11. So we went for a walk, and looked at navel jewellery, oohing and aahing over all the pretty jewellery that was availabe and later returned to the shop, only to find out he was running late and still on the train. That was okay, we went and got morning tea. By the time we'd finished, we went back to Hairhouse Warehouse and he was there and ready to pierce. I was to be first.

We filled out forms and I showed him my ID. He commented on where I went to school and said he knew a girl that goes there... we had a good laugh over that and we talked a little bit about random stuff, like my school and the people that had recommended me to him and so forth. I chose the jewellery I wanted (I was pleased to see all the barbells were in separate little plastic bags) He marked me up and got me to lay down. He clamped my stomach (which didn't hurt too much) and put the needle through me. It hurt a fair bit. He inserted the jewellery, which also hurt but nothing too bad. He then screwed on the top ball and I was done. Later, when I look down on it, I realise it is a little bit crooked but nothing too major.

Then my friend's mum went next (how cool is she!) and so I got to watch the procedure. It was pretty cool to watch. I was glad to see that everything was sterilised and sealed previously. My friend's mum, Chris and I talked about stuff like cats and fleas... it was a bit random but oh well :)

My friend, however, was a bit nervous about the piercing so we went for a walk... 2 hours later we returned back to the shop but she did not want to get pierced at all... which was quite unfortunate because she had been looking forward to it a lot but could not force herself to actually go and get it done.

So we left Chris and he gave us some aftercare instructions - clean with a sea salt soak 3 times a day. He also gave us a piece of paper saying all the instructions, you know, don't touch a piercing with dirty fingers, etc etc.

I split up with my friend and her mum and I went on the search for sea salt, which lead me back to Chris where we had a little chat for a while and he offered me a loyalty card - however I don't believe I'll be getting pierced anytime soon!

Overall the navel piercing was a rewarding experience for me and I can't wait for it to be properly healed and stuff, I hope the aftercare process is not too bad :/ Currently, about 3-4 hours after it's done, it doesn't hurt, but I still have to survive the first night's sleep with it. That'll be interesting. Anyway, I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone in the Blacktown area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: Sydney%2C+Australia

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