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My Navel...My Secret

I have wanted my navel pierced for a very long time but I knew there was no use in asking my mom to take me or support me along the way so I just kind of let it go for awhile. When I was about 13 my best friend got her's done and I now believe that that experience made me wait until now...

I was driving around with my boyfriend and I decided that maybe it is time to get another piercing done...this isn't my first piercing I hid from my mom.. We both decided that I would get my navel pierced on the saturday before a party.I was extremely nervous because this time I wasn't going to confide in my dad, for the next four days I was obsessing over it and that made me nervous.

Saturday came and I wasn't nervous at all!

We walked in and had to wait about 5 minutes but to me it felt like a century..I'm very impatient and have A.d.d so it doesn't help my nervousness! When I finally filled out the consent form, picked out the jewelery ( a barbell with a white diamond) i wanted it was time to get marked up and ready to get pierced but the piercers mom called and made the process go by a little longer.It took him a couple of minutes to make sure it was perfectly straight and asked m if I liked it how it was marked, i was so nervous I asked my boyfriend and he said it was perfect. As he was clamping my navel i was looking at the posters on the ceilings and holding my boyfriend's hand. He told me to start taking deep breaths, as he did on about my third breath I felt the needle go in...but i didn't feel it come out.

I asked my boyfriend if it was done and he said "ya baby it's done you did soooo well" I look down and there was the needle in my stomach! My boyfriend and the piercer started laughing until they noticed I went pale( i could deal with the pain...i cant even look at needles..if i dont see it it doesnt bother me) after that they put in the jewelery made me sit for a bit then let me get up and look at it offered me a glass of water and told me i can lay down if I needed to but of course me being stubborn I was bound to show no pain no gain!

I did not want to say ouch or show it hurt because i wanted to show i was strong but i did say "what the eff" when he pushed the needle threw, the piercer was nice and started to laugh telling my boyfriend he should gently punish me later....which I didn't get until much later. I'm not going to lye there was a pinch but the pain lasted two seconds.

The first day it didn't hurt at all, except when a lady pushed me into a corner of a table by accident LOL but I was fine. The secret from my dad was driving me nuts and I was staying at my boyfriend's house for the week. Finally I called my dad and told him he told me it was my money but he wished he was there to hold my hand and the next time i should just tell him...so we decided it will be a secret from my mom for awhile and he promised that he will take me for my first tattoo in a few months...just another secret from my mom!

If anyone is wondering about the after pain I was quite sore for the first 4 days, it felt as if i had a piece of string going threw my belly button that could be pulled from the top and bottom and it was red off and on and cleaning it helped but was painful at some points,It did get crusty for a few days but at least i knew it was healing properly! I think it is soo beautiful and i look at it everytime im by a mirror.....For someone thinking of doing it GO FOR IT!

For the girls out there, my boyfriend is one of those guys that wouldn't admit being scared of something but he said when he was watching it didnt bother him seeing it be done but the size of the needle was ridiculous and he knew he wouldnt be able to go through with it...so be tough haha

Somethings to do to take care of your new piercing : Clean it often but don't over clean it, don't touch it without washing your hands first, remember it is something your body has to get use to, try to be gentle when taking off/putting on a shirt or getting your pants caught on it, sex may be a bit difficult for a while,when you are cleaning it remember to move it up and down so the cleanser can get into the piercing,and always ask your piercer questions if you have them, if you are having problems go to your piercer!

Feel Free to email me anytime


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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