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My first piercing

Prior to this, I hadn't had any piercings besides my ears when I was 7, which don't really count, and I hadn't been allowed to pierce them anymore beyond that when I got older (cartilage, etc.) I've always kind of liked the navel piercing, but was worried my belly button wasn't the right size for it. And finally today, on a whim and with forty extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to just go for it.

I went to Quad City West Tattoo, which is actually farther away into Elgin than I expected. and was greeted in the waiting room by the owner of the shop, Jerry Thrash. He seemed very nice and funny, and asked me how old I was. I look about fifteen or sixteen, unfortunately, so I expected that. There were a bunch of laminated poster books on either wall that were filled with tattoo designs, and a few people in the room flipping through them. I tried to be casual and checked out the body jewelry in the case and flipped through some of the albums too.

I was extremely nervous waiting around after signing my consent forms (which I was nervous about as well, as I only had to sign one saying that I wasn't drunk, and I am eighteen) and volunteered to show my ID to my piercer before the actual piercing, which was weird, as I expected him to card me immediately.

We made small talk and conversation as he set up. He asked me to stand and inked a purple dot above my navel, which I checked out and said it was a bit too far left, so he changed it, and finally he said he would wing it. I was quite wobbly, which he didn't seem to notice. He tipped me back in my chair, and set up all his equipment: two pairs of latex gloves (I guess because of the blood?), alcohol wipes, the barbell itself, and a threader-thing that made me very, very nervous when I looked at it. He showed me the initial barbell I was going to be pierced with, which was a plain silver one, which I didn't have a problem with. I was relieved it was a bar and not a ring, because supposedly, it's easier to have an infected piercing if you put a ring in, as well as it's harder to clip off and replace when you finally change your piercing.

When I settled in the chair, he continued to make conversation, and my adrenaline started pumping quite a bit. I just leaned back, shut my eyes, and braced myself. I wasn't breathing in and out, actually I was probably just sitting there holding my breath, so he kept asking me how I was doing, which I squeaked "I'm okay", haha. I got even more nervous when I felt the needle pressing in, as I had expected him to give me a heads-up. The actual piercing itself was just a sharp, hot pain that brought tears to my eyes, but after a few seconds it was fine. I think I bled a little, but he didn't say anything about it (after all, he just jabbed me with a needle!) He seemed to have trouble screwing the top ball in, but after that he just showed me the aftercare and whatnot and I was all set. I went to Walgreens from there and picked up Q-tips and Bactine, and that was the end of that.

I've had my piercing for about five hours now, and all is well. I am concerned, however, with if it's straight or not, which I think everyone worries about after getting their belly button pierced. The only thing I can do is wait till it heals and check it out further. The only complaint that I have is the occasional twinge when I move or when I put my seatbelt on, or when I bend over or stand up or generally move my upper half around, which is pretty unavoidable. But otherwise, I don't feel soreness or any pain, which I don't know if I will wake up tomorrow with it or not. I have yet to clean it or shower with it, as it is freshly pierced, so I'm pretty nervous about that.

Generally, the aftercare will be to wash it gently with Bactine in the shower, but not in the direct water, just out of the way a little bit, and move the bar up and down, which I'm betting will hurt, but probably not too bad. Other than that, no swimming, hot tubs, or tanning, which...it's the middle of winter in Illinois, and that will not be a problem. I wanted it pierced in winter so it could heal properly by summer when I can show it off :)

Overall, though, I am very happy about my piercing, and was quite surprised with the level of customer service and how inexpensive it was. It was very casual, laid-back, and I would definitely go back to Quad City for future piercings, and recommend anyone that might want this piercing to get it, as it is easy to hide and there's a lot of jewelry to choose from.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Bert
Studio: Quad+City+West
Location: South+Elgin%2C+IL

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