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my first non-ear piercing...bellybutton!

Although it happened a few years ago, I still clearly remember the day I FINALLY convinced my dad to let me get it pierced. I had been begging him for years and he would always say "maybe next year" or, "I'll think about it."

My dad is pretty laid back, and pretty much lets me do whatever I want, so in the rare case he says "no" to me, I respect that. But... I still brought it up. I was about sixteen at the time, and it was Memorial Weekend. My boyfriend at the time loved belly rings and was away on a camping trip with some family. When my dad finally said yes, not only was I happy to get it done, but I also knew it would be a pleasant surprise for my boyfriend when he came home from his trip.

One day, he and I were talking about it and I asked him if I paid for it if I could please please please get it done.. and he said YES! Much easier than I had expected it to be! I was totally excited and couldn't wait! I called and made an appointment for a few days later...

I was so anxious for the day to finally come, and once it did I was ready to go! But, the closer and closer we got to the piercing studio, the more nervous I got and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

All the way there my dad was jokingly teasing me about how HUGE the needle would be, how BADLY it would hurt, so on and so forth... We finally arrived and I couldn't believe it!

We filled out all the forms, both the "receptionist" and Linda the piercer were awesome, very sweet no pressure!

When I was walking back into the room I could feel my heart pounding, but as Linda and I talked I really started to relax. She calmed me down and pretty much told me what I already knew- that I was working myself up and it would be over faster than I knew what had hit me.

So I lay down on the table, she cleaned and marked me, we decided on a point and then she had me lay back down. She stuck the clamp on me which, like she had said, was really more uncomfortable than the piercing itself. The entire experience was pretty much painless, the worst part was just worrying about it BEFORE it was done. You work yourself up and it turned out to be less painful than say.. stubbing your toe?

Then she showed me the needle saying "I'm not showing this to you to freak you out, I just want you to see that it is in its original packaging and sterile."

She told me to take a deep breath in and then BAM! The needle was in! It happened so fast I didn't even have time to react. I just lay there while she replaced the needle with the barbell, and felt my butterflies turn into excitement... I FINALLY GOT IT DONE!

That was about two years ago now, and I never had any problems with my piercing. If anyone is considering it but is too scared.. just go for it, the outcome is worth the very little (if any) pain at all. Just remember to wait until it is fully healed before you try to replace any jewelry! I know sometimes it's frustrating to have to wait, but if you want your piercing to stay painless and pretty, leave it alone! It's worth the wait! I'm the type of person who is really weird about matching, so when it came down to choosing the jewelry I chose the barbell with the white/clear jewel, just because I knew it would match everything. Or else I would've been much more tempted to change the barbell before it had healed just to match. ( I swear I have a mild case of OCD)

I was really careful during the healing process, having read horror stories of belly rings becoming snagged on sweaters or dogs jumping up and pulling on them. Honestly though, I never really had any problem of that sort. I was very sure to clean it just the way I had been instructed to everyday! After all, this was what I had been waiting for the entire time! I didn't want a stupid mistake that could've been easily avoided to ruin what I had been picturing for years! I even worked out and went tanning, just so that when I did get it done, it would look even better.

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience. Just be sure to check out local piercing studios, and make sure you are comfortable! If you feel uneasy, don't be afraid to leave and go somewhere you feel will pierce you the way you are comfortable. After all, it is YOUR body.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: linda
Studio: cut+and+bronze
Location: puyallup+washington

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